God of War Ragnarok without Polish dubbing.  The game received full Polish localization in the Ukrainian version

Today’s premiere of Santa Monica Studio’s latest production isn’t going to be a celebration for all PlayStation fans. More and more customers who have accessed the physical version of The Adventures of Kratos and Atreus are confirming their problems with the Polish site.

Since the first announcement of God of War, Ragnarok has electrified PlayStation console users — to say the game’s debut was as much anticipated as saying anything. Company affiliates from around the world celebrate this special moment, and other teams of Japanese producers and publishers developed by Santa Monica Studio congratulate on their success. However, not all players will be completely satisfied today.

Problems with the version of God of War Ragnarok distributed in the Polish market – yesterday we reported the message we received from a friendly game store. Despite the visual annotation about “the game is in Polish language version”, both the PS5 and PS4 versions are devoid of Polish dubbing. The Polish branch of PlayStation claims that some of the payments sold by the outlets may come from the Czech Republic – which is why customers are experiencing difficulties.

The scale of the phenomenon seems really impressive. Our editorial office is receiving more and more signals about the lack of Polish dubbing in the new production of Santa Monica studio And it’s not just about purchases made in small businesses. Chests ordered in large chains such as Media Markt, RTV Euro AGD or Media Expert are deprived of proper translation, and players find out about this only after the launch of the center.

“Okay, there is a problem, I bought a Euro home appliances in RTV with the premium version with a rope, it has a Polish case and it says the game is in Polish. However, after it was launched and updated earlier, it turns out that there are subtitles only in Polish,” dzu77 writes, One of our portal users.

“In the Middle East too; how am I going to manage it, I wanted to play with Polish dubbing” – robson9292.

“The game bought from Media Expert I didn’t get the trophy only because they didn’t send it, but there is no Polish dubbing yet” – misiek246.

Interestingly enough, as one of our readers points out, our original dubbing was included in the Ukrainian version of God of War Ragnarok.

“Such a curiosity – the Ukrainian version has good albums and our dubbing is there ; ) ”- informs Graczdari in one of the comments.

It’s a very disturbing situation – the premiere of Kratos’ adventure was a much-anticipated moment for PlayStation fans, among whom are certainly users who prefer to play in Polish. Even if someone decided to return the goods, they would not be able to immerse themselves in the history of the climate from today. As of now, we also don’t know how PlayStation Poland will respond to this and whether an effective step will be taken to correct the error.

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