Maciej Sture is bitter towards his father.  He’s starting to lose touch with reality.

Jerzy Stuhr was recently a guest at the BiG Film Festival, which was held in Płock. The actor appeared in public for the first time in several months. He recently had a recurrence of laryngeal cancer. As he said in an interview with PlejadaDoctors discovered the disease by chance – he had an appointment for esophageal surgery, but after examinations, the doctors realized that the cancer had returned.

He told us: “The situation has become very complicated. I spent three weeks in the hospital, had an operation. Now I am in the moment. I feel good, although I am still weak, I can barely walk.”

Although he was in much better condition at the festival, his son, Maciej Sture, claims that his father’s condition is gradually deteriorating.

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Message Store: My father is a sick man

While promoting the third season of “Belfra,” the actor shared about his relationship with his father. As he said, my father was “no longer the same man” as before. Because of the disease he was suffering from.

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