Ludivine Redding addresses his negative reviews at STAT

If Ludivine Redding’s romantic rating has not sounded since her debut in Quebec, and if she is one of the actresses most admired by the public, she still receives negative comments, and this is especially true from her role. STAT.

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Interviewed in the latest issue of the magazine winkShe’s also stunning on the cover, where the young woman talks about the negative comments she’s been getting about her role since the fall of nurse Sophia St-Jean.

Eric Meier

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Ludivine admits to receiving a lot of criticism from viewers about her character, but also about herself and her physique, where she sees it as a form of sexism.

“Because I play a young blonde nurse who dates a handsome ER doctor, she is expected to be perfect and above reproach. But when she makes decisions that deviate from what is expected of her, it shocks people. They would have wanted my character’s only role in the story to be a good girl.”

Eric Meier

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Although she gives it very little importance, she admits that sometimes it ends up playing in her head and she has to create a shell.

“I avoid bikini pictures now because I get messages from people saying I’m a bad example and they don’t want to follow me. I don’t want to judge. I find it very invasive. If my profile is [Instagram] There is, it’s about sharing beautiful moments”, he notes.

She continues: “It’s really hard work. I learned to shell myself by asking advice from people who have been in the industry for a long time. It makes you grow and you had to let go of the illusion that you can please everyone because that’s simply impossible.

Read the full interview with Ludivine Reding in the magazine wink Available on newsstands And online.

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