October 6, 2022


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La Press in New York |  Charlotte to conquer the world

La Press in New York | Charlotte to conquer the world

Charlotte Cardin began her US tour, which will take her from New York to Los Angeles. An opportunity to further position itself on the world stage. Press He followed Montreal and witnessed his international rise to New York.

Marisa Croquehe

Marisa Croquehe

Marco Campanosi

Marco Campanosi

(New York) Thursday afternoon, in Brooklyn, Williamsburg, the Marciones of Music Hall announces the concert in capital letters Sold By Charlotte Cardin. The 650-seat auditorium in the trendy New York neighborhood was still empty when we arrived, but already, on stage and behind the scenes, the choir was getting ready for tonight’s show.

At 3:30 p.m., Charlotte arrives at her turn. In a casual and chic outfit – a hoodie, jeans and Stan Smith shoes adorned with gold jewelry – she takes the time to think about the place. The well-felt “holy shit” testifies to his enthusiasm by finding room for the first time.

The Music Hall, which he later describes to us as “a place like Club Soda”, is the perfect place to start his five-show tour of the United States. “It’s a kind of room where you can create intimate moments, but you can feel the effect of that crowd. It’s been a long time since we’ve played a show like this,” says the singer-songwriter.

Photo by Marco Campanosi, The Press

Charlotte Cardin and Marco Royal before the show

Before his sound tests, Charlotte welcomes us to her dressing room to discuss this important moment. “We have been looking forward to this day for months. We are very happy that this has finally happened, ”he said.

He missed the road. A few years ago she and her musicians were on tour all the time. “When we stopped, we couldn’t, we were tired,” he says with an honesty, which will dye all our exchanges. “But when the epidemic hit, we hadn’t shot for a year and a half. After this long break, I could not wait to meet again. ”

Photo by Marco Campanosi, The Press

Charlotte Cardin in her dressing room

Demonstrates talent

For this round of American shows, “we have a small team,” Charlotte explains. In New York, the reduced group consists of two of its musicians, Matthew Senechel and Benjamin Corsi, its sound technician, Francis Major, its tour manager, Marco Royal Nicodemo, and its two cult Nation agents, Larry Sonard and Jason Brando. Excellent creative accessory.

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These last two are the architects of a well-designed process to take Charlotte Card to the highest peaks. These days there is no luck being on the Montreal stage in New York, Philadelphia, Washington and Los Angeles.

It is a place to carve for oneself, which is mainly committed to its skill, underscoring its agents, but also to a project that requires more effort and logistics.

Photo by Marco Campanosi, The Press

Charlotte Cardin and his team members, Marco Royal, Matthew Senechal and Benjamin Corsi.

Since the release of his first album, Phoenix, Last spring, the doors were opened more and more on Charlotte Cardin’s already promising life. The disc soon topped the Canadian charts when it was released. “Being at the top of one of the seven most important regions makes it easier for storytelling to present the artist internationally,” explains Jason Brando, founder of the recording company and management Cult Nation. “This album is a gold business card. “

Quebec’s spectacular success does not yet fit beyond our borders, yet the excitement there is clear. “She has fans in the United States, so target [de la tournée] Above all, it’s about seeing them and interacting with them, ”says Brando.

“Charlotte’s voice has that naturalness, which, almost biologically, makes her hair stand out. She has the ability to get a lot of emotions without much effort, which is very rare, she adds. ”

Photo by Marco Campanosi, The Press

Discovered the Williamsburg Music Hall by Charlotte Cardin

From small to large

The epidemic forced pause put sticks on the artist’s wheels, slowing his gaze outside of Quebec.

We have not retreated, but we are at the same point as we were somewhat three years ago. To create a new territory, you have to be there, it is not possible.

Laurie Chouinard, co-agent working on the Charlotte Guard project since 2018

In the United States, after starting operations a few years ago and then moving around small halls alone, we are now running to bigger stages. Then we will be back in charge by participating in the festivals. “It’s a continuous work, and it’s really gradual,” says Larry Sonard.

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Dedicated fans

Photo by Marco Campanosi, The Press

Last sound test before the show

Towards the end of the afternoon, Charlotte tells us that the making of the second album is already well underway, before warming up her voice and fine-tuning the final details of the show. If making Phoenix It was a deliberately slow process, no doubt making the audience wait too long at this point.

“We spent the whole summer in the studio and we’re going to polish it up before we start the tour again in December,” he said while having tea in his dressing room. Three and a half years will not pass before next year! We are not finished, but I am so glad to have you. “Meanwhile, he released the Friday version. Deluxe From Phoenix, In which we find seven new songs, two of which he presents.

We sang in unison during a concert in Brooklyn Scorpio season, Released just three weeks ago. Besides, the New York audience knew the words of all his plays. Undoubtedly, Charlotte Cardin has a special follower even on this frontier.

Photo by Marco Campanosi, The Press

Charlotte Cardin’s show sold out in Brooklyn last Thursday.

In front of the Williamsburg Music Hall, about five hours before the singer took to the stage, fans lined up. The Americans wanted Pope and Olivia to be at the forefront. Olivia, the administrator of the Instagram account dedicated to the singer, said, “I found her when she started filming O Wonder 2017. The young lady came from Philadelphia to attend a concert in New York and plans to follow her to the other two weekend concerts on the East Coast.

Phoebe drove from Boston to see Charlotte Cardin back on stage. “I have heard his song The voice I was on a playlist in 2015 and when I last saw her I went to see her in New York City, she says. I waited for days for her to come back. What does he like about Montreal’s work? “Her voice, her stage presence, her lyrics and she’s sweet, real, sweet,” she laughed. I love everything she does. ”

Later in the day, we meet a group of four Cubs traveling through New York to attend a concert. “We love it, we’re big fans,” says Céleste Brouillard. “We saw her in Oshoka and the next day, we decided to buy a ticket to New York,” says Matthew Roy before entering the room.

Display time

After sounding at 9pm, Charlotte goes on stage and sings the first notes. Passive aggression – “Something simple that started the era Phoenix , End of 2020. The cheering of the crowd, with its compact and rebellious, echoes. The New York public warmly welcomes Charlotte Card.

On stage, the singer magnetizes. Her voice never slips, she impresses with the hints she reaches, always accurately. His quick drawing, which is a beast of the stage, is real, but not superfluous. He delivers new songs and returns to old pieces. In the middle of a show, his fans sing to him Happy Birthday ; On her birthday on November 9th, she gave him an unforgettable gift.

When explaining Sunset (buddy), In the acoustic version, supports what Jason Brando said earlier about her: it gives goosebumps, and we feel the collective thrill that transcends the audience. Anyone who loves me, In the piano-voice version, will last this moment.

The singer is also able to provide lively moments such as her catching the guitar during the song. Phoenix. By her side, her musicians are as solid as she is. Then Meaningless, Rowdy Reminder brings them back to two more pieces.

Photo by Marco Campanosi, The Press

Charlotte and her team reunite after the show.


As she leaves the stage, Charlotte is called in from all sides. More formal meetings with artisans in the industry, an interview with Twitch who was broadcasting the concert live, followed by a moment of celebration with his colleagues and friends. Everyone is in heaven. We hug each other in the small box of the music hall and say congratulations.

“It simply came to our notice then Charlotte tells a few moments after her performance.

Photo by Marco Campanosi, The Press

Charlotte Cardin after the show

It was full of energy! Honestly, I was barely as fun as I enjoyed tonight. The reaction of the crowd was beyond our expectations, especially since we have not been here for many years. It’s really special when people listen to the album and know the lyrics. The tour could not have started better! ”

The musician and his band know that not all productions in the world can guarantee the expected success. While talent is undeniable, export potential is high. Moments like this confirm that they are on the right track. “We want to share the project with those who want to hear it, and we’ll see where it takes us,” Montreal said. However, the name of Charlotte Card will be increasingly imposed around the world and found in valuable marketplaces in the years to come.

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