Historian Laurent Durkot was convicted of plagiarism by the UQTR

News, first published The Journal of MontrealConfirmed by Christian Blanchett, Rector of UQTR, in an interview with the show Always in the morning.

The last few months, the book received an anonymous complaint from the educational institution Games and leisure : A History from Origin to the Present, Launched in 2016 by Laurent Durcott, Editions Gallimart.

Complaint identified 13 unquoted passages, the origin of which was found almost in other documents. A panel of experts was set up to shed light on these allegations.

There were 13 paragraphs and Professor Turcode made the notes, but he did not make them as he should have done. He should have been quotedMr. to Radio-Canada. Blanchett explained.

This subtlety is important to us, which is why the report says there is infringement, plagiarism, but we judge that it is not malicious. , As the sources are mentioned, they should be quoted.

So UQTR did not allow the professor, but rather asked him to stay More severe In the future. The question of educational property, it is necessary In UQTR and because The work we do is precise workThe dancer continued.

The latter said that Laurent Durcott’s author had confirmed that the passages would be edited and quoted in future editions of the book.

A revenge, according to the professor

Reported by The Journal of MontrealLaurent Turkot defended himself before a panel of experts, and the book was prepared using course documents, some of which were not mentioned in paragraphs.

Quotes and notes may have been mistakenly removed by him or her publisher.Ventilation Text, he would have argued.

In an interview with the Montreal newspaper, the professor admitted it Some mistakes were madeBut without Bad faith. He also said it was the revenge of a colleague who had harassed him for years.

Laurent Durkot is known in the media landscape for his regular appearance on various networks, including Radio-Canada. He is the host of the podcast Historian, On Ohdio. His YouTube channel, History tells us, Has 377,000 subscribers.

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