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“On Our Own. The Beginning is a prequel to the well-known cult trilogy. It tells about the preceding events, thanks to which viewers will learn about how the famous quarrel between Kargull and Pawlak arose. The trailer of the film is now available.

You can already see some scenes from the film: “Sami Swoi. Popocztek”, which was filmed in Lublin at the beginning of May and June. The open-air museum was another such place chosen as a filming location. Previously, filmmakers spent a lot of time at the Kielce Village Museum in Tokarnia.

This is another part of the wonderful comedy that Artur Żmijewski decided to create. In this case, he decided to show where the conflict between the Kargules and the Pawlaks came from. Therefore, the events of the film begin in 1913, before the outbreak of World War I, and end in 1945, after the end of World War II.

In the production, which will be released in cinemas on February 16, 2024, you will be able to see the lives of both families before they are resettled from the borderlands to the recovered lands. Young Kazimierz Pawlak was played by Adam Bobik, and Władysław Kargul by Karol Dziuba. There are also famous names in the cast. Zbigniew Zamachowski plays Pawlak’s father, Mirosław Baka plays Pawlak’s father-in-law, and Janusz Chabior plays Kargul’s father.

The author of the screenplay for the film “Sami Soy. The Beginning”, which was based on the book “Everyone Lives as They Know How”, as well as all other parts of the saga, is Andrei Mularczyk. When creating it, it was inspired by true events and his family history. The prototype of Kazimierz Pawlak’s character was his uncle.

So far, the feedback from viewers watching the trailer of the film is not satisfactory. They point out, among other things, that by definition it should show the best parts of the entire film to encourage people to go to cinemas. However, the scenes used here are intended to be unimpressive. We’ll find out in a few months what kind of reception the production will receive.

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