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In one of our recent rankings of the best films in a certain genre, we took a look Science Fiction. After exploring the universe and other planets, it is time to return to Earth, where we will be greeted by thrillers, also known as thrillers.

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Thriller is a movie genre that’s very close to me. in my feeling Action games have always been something of a stick between horror movies and classic action figures. During the show, we are inevitably accompanied by a feeling of uncertainty, mystery and excitement. However, the most important component of any movie is climaxWhich often turns the plot or our approach to characters 180 degrees.

You will find below A list of the best thriller films that have shocked and enthralled viewers from all over the world for years. Of course, this is a rating based on subjective experiences, so if your favorite works are missing, go ahead and tell us which movies to add to the list. So what are they? The best thriller movies? Let’s check.

The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

We start the list with a whole classic that has already proven its worth Five Oscars. In this case, you bear the onus of drawing the viewer into the story Anthony Hopkins, who raises eyebrows and awe. substantially Silence of the Lambs It is called by many the best psychological film. The main plot of the thriller focuses on the search for a serial killer Binary FBI Agent and Inmate Dr. Hannibal LecterWho was famous for eating his victims. The above excitement accompanies us every time Anthony Hopkins appears on screen. As a spectator until the end We don’t know what the prisoner’s intentions are towards the agentPlayed by Jodie Foster. In the end, the solution that appeared in the text leaves us with our eyes wide open and our jaws dropping.

Island of Secrets (2010)

Leonardo DiCaprio is an outstanding actor – only the most powerful 47-year-old antifan can argue this opinion. DiCaprio was one of his greatest displays of abilities Island of Secrets from 2010. The intense excitement in the atmosphere results in fluctuations and a sense of uncertainty. In addition to Leo, we’ll also see Mark Ruffalo, Ben Kingsley, and Max von Sydow on screen. However, it is Teddy Daniels, played by DiCaprio, who steals the entire show. The highlight throughout the film is An ending gives the viewer the option to “choose” how he thinks the story will end. Open endings is an action often used in thrillers. Island of Secrets It is one of the best examples of the practical use of this artistic medium.

Seven (1995)

In the meantime, we move on to My personal favourite. sure Seven It is at the same time the best thriller and crime movie. The acting of Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman makes us fly through the entire show in the blink of an eye. in addition to Murder theme based on the seven deadly sins Cause that until roughly the end of history, we can’t be sure who and why are behind these crimes. As it turned out, the whole story culminated with the father. One of the most unexpected finals in the history of cinematography. At the end of the show, we see a passionate insider fight of a detective who is faced with a choice that will change his life forever. In addition, the quality mark on Seven gives the exit – David FincherWho masterfully managed the entire narrative.

psychosis (1960)

“The movie must start with an earthquake, then the tension is supposed to continually increase” – this sentence will accompany us forever as soon as we mention the work Alfred Hitchcock. One of the greatest works of this distinguished director is precisely psychosisWhich It forever changed creatives’ approach to writing scripts and building stories. This thrilling movie is a must for every movie lover who wants to feel the chills down their spine during the show.

Mystic River (2003)

Clint Eastwood has many accomplishments as an actor. However, not everyone knows that the 92-year-old is equally good at the camera. We can see an expression for this, for example in v river of secretsDirected by a Hollywood star. The adaptation of Dennis Lehane’s novel is a suspenseful story, and its climax leaves us in an avalanche of ideas. It is difficult to disagree with the opinion that this type of cinema is the definition of good thriller.

Gone Girl (2014)

Personally, I have mixed feelings about this movie. Mainly because of two main characters. As a spectator, we are used to choosing one side in a conflict. In this case It is difficult to say which of the main characters is “good”. So, throughout the show, we follow the battle between evil and evil. This solution makes us really confused, but at the same time intrigued by the whole story.

Devil’s Advocate (1997)

By far my favorite Keanu Reeves movie. Devil’s Advocate It is a story about greed and lust for moneyWhich, in the end, can lead us straight to Hell. In this case, “hell” is a very accurate term. Watching the screen events of Kevin Lomax, he accompanies us all the time Feelings of threat and uncertainty associated with a property attorney’s surroundings. In all this puzzle, we must not forget the genius of course Hello Pacinowho surpasses himself.

Labyrinth (2013)

Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal in one movie – it must have turned out to be awesome! More so when we think about the fact that it is A dark story about a kidnapping and a look into the human mind. This thriller is actually a journey through the labyrinth of the title of the human psyche and the crimes it can commit. Frustration, confusion, horror, doubt – all these adjectives perfectly describe one of the greatest thrillers of all time. To this must also be added the film’s very rich symbolism.

Harry Angel (1987)

When we’re looking for movies where we’re shivering throughout the runtime, it’s hard to skip this production. Harry Angel this is Chilling story About a private investigator who becomes obsessed with discovering the truth. He plays the title character Mickey Rourke His mission is to find a missing singer who has been very popular for years. Over time, more and more begins to appear in the plot Murders, references to Satanism, and dreamlike visions. All this only pushes the investigator to discover a very interesting and terrifying fact at the same time. In addition to the already mentioned Rourke, we can also see the wonderful picture on the screen Robert De Nirowho plays Lucifer himself.

The Game (1997)

The list is closed with a Hollywood icon. Michael Douglas One of his best films. Game It’s the kind of production we can expect anything from. I think that Even the director – David Fincher did not know what would happen on the screen. Thus, every passing minute you make Viewers lose faith in the individual characters and the world being portrayed. At the end of the story, even our approach to the main character changes. Game throughout the session It leads us from our noses and baffles us Just to get us on our knees with one precise stroke in the last scenes.

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