Louis Chico's order was targeted by sexologists' investigation

Four participants from three seasons If we loved each other Relying on themselves To; Fictional first names were used to protect their identities. They believe that Louis Chicoin Failed his mission of creating a good TV show, betraying the trust he should have instilled in patients!

The product told us that this is a documentary about the development of a couple’s relationship to see how a beautiful positive relationship develops on television. It was a word of kindness towards others“, Hands over Rock. “But there are also those who suffer the most [pendant les tournages]. The public needs to know that our film has been manipulated. Quebec lives in the illusion of what’s happening on this show: we enjoyed a reality show with editing … this is not true

Louis was very insulting to us during the consultations. Louise’s goal on the show is not to create a healthy and open relationship between him [Mme Sigouin] Me too», Adds Rock. “It was to crush me, to dominate me. She wanted us to be as close as possible [dans l’émission] Create the most corrosive images possibleS

When I was talking to Lewis, the content producer was talking so loud that I could hear what he was saying before Lewis repeated it.“, Remember Rock. “I told myself it was not a treatment we had, but a sexologist who sent us questions of production.“, Nadine adds.

What they showed me on screen was huge. My thoughts became completely irrational. Fearing to leave the house, he had suicidal thoughts“, Hands over Natalie.

I was screaming for help [à la production] They could not hear me. Below that are several ethical issues. The audience does not know what we are doing.», Reveals Nicole.

Candidates believe they were used to promote the popular “seikoin approach” recommended by the sexologist, which is automatically categorized into five binary.

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