Face-to-face re-entry into confirmed campuses in Quebec

This announcement is possible because 82% (more than 75% of the target) students received or were prescribed two doses of the vaccine against Govt-19, the minister explains in an interview RTI.

Physical break and wearing a mask is no longer required in class, but restrictions still apply in other situations:

  • A distance of two meters will be required between the tables in the dining rooms and in the training rooms For some activities like singing lessons.
  • One meter distance in common areas Should be maintained among students as much as possible.
  • No need to wear a mask in the library or at a meal, But in any other situation it will be mandatory.

Course activities, including sports activities, will be allowed at all institutionsBut the government aims to ensure that These activities are only accessible to students who have received adequate immunizations.

Further details will be announced when the terms of the vaccination passport are released., We can read in the press release issued on Friday when the Minister announced.

Prime Minister Franசois Legalt made the announcement on Thursday The vaccine will be in the passport As soon as possible to avoid further control.

More restrictions are possible in some companies

Some companies The epidemiological risk is considered high Will be material though Specific commandsLike wearing a mask at all times.

They can take their classes in person, but there may be barriers to certain activities, such as course activities, Minister McCann said.

This may be if vaccine protection for their student population is not adequate, Minister McCann points out, but these institutions Represents a minority Of them. Currently, there are still six subjects in the 48 CEGEPs in the province, but all the universities have achieved the targets. Reception and integration activities, all of which are called startups cannot take place in these CEGEPs., She says.

Companies that have not yet reached vaccination targets:

  • Cepge de Sept-les
  • Cagep Saint-Flicien
  • Ahantik College
  • Rosemond College
  • Cégep André-Laurendeau

We make a special call to vaccinate these students, Begins the Minister. He said he was ready to set up vaccination clinics on campuses, but had already insisted, There are a lot more clinics at this time Implemented in the community.

Further action may be taken depending on the evolution of the health condition in the region where these institutions are located. The Ministry of Higher Education states that the situation will be monitored on a weekly basis to expedite the raising of specific orders.

All higher education institutions are required Has prepared a regression plan that is ready to use if needed.

Public health is in the process of assessing what to do in the event of an explosion.

But it is certain that fully vaccinated students will probably be in a different situation than those who are not.

A quote:Daniel McCann, Minister of Higher Education

As of Thursday, 83.2% of college students and 86.6% of university students had received at least one dose of the vaccine, the ministry said.

Second levels were given to 57.8% of college students and 68.5% of university students. Minister McCann encourages students who have not yet done so to be vaccinated.

In June, the government announced the launch of an elementary and middle school To do without covering his face If 75% of 12- to 17-year-olds are vaccinated. The The fourth wave And the progression of the delta variance may confuse the issue.

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