W miejscowości Buzowa w obwodzie kijowskim na Ukrainie znaleziono masowy grób z cywilami - poinformował przedstawiciel lokalnych władz Taras Didycz, cytowany przez agencję Unian.

A mass grave with civilians was found in the town of Buzova in the Kyiv region of Ukraine, Taras Dedic, a representative of the local authorities, quoted by Unian Agency, said.

We are coming back to life now, but we had “hot spots” during the occupation, many civilians died – said Dedic, head of the municipal authorities of Dmitrievsk Hrumada (municipality).

This is the Kyiv-Zhytomyr road, in particular, between the villages of Mii and Mriya, where about ten cars with people were shot. Also next to a gas station We found in Bouzoua today (…) civilians – Reported, quoted on Saturday evening by Unian.

“There are also facts about the bombing that led to the death of a man with a direct hit to the apartment,” he added.

He pointed out that there are other living witnesses to these events.

This is another mass grave found in the Kyiv region. After the Russians withdrew from the occupied territories, graves were found, among others, in Erbiu and Hosteml. The most shocking discoveries were recorded in Bokza. The bodies of 360 civilians, including at least 10 children, were found.

Ukraine: more than 4,200 criminal cases against Russia since the beginning of the war

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