She was about to give birth to twins.  He impregnated her when she was already pregnant

She was only supposed to give birth to twins (tik tok)

The woman knew that she was expecting twins. How surprised was she when it suddenly became clear that she would become a mother of three children. All thanks to the so-called super-pregnancy, meaning the extra pregnancy. My parents had no idea you could get pregnant if you were already fertilized.

1. She became pregnant while she was pregnant

Michelle and her partner Antonio Livingston They come from Pennsylvania in the northeastern part of the United States. The couple was very happy about it They will become parents of two children. The first ultrasound showed that they were expecting twins.

At some point, the woman felt bad, so she decided to consult her condition with a gynecologist. According to the Honey Nine website, which described the family history, it was then A follow-up ultrasound showed three beating hearts.

Watch the video: “Pregnancy during pregnancy [Pixel]”

– We were completely shocked when we heard about this – Michelle, who didn’t know there was such a thing as superpregnancy. She was certain that if she was already pregnant, she would never be able to get pregnant again. Meanwhile, fate decided otherwise.

“I was shocked during the ultrasound,” she adds.

2. Super load

It is also called superconvection phenomenon Additional fertilization or additional pregnancy. This is a very rare condition where a pregnant woman becomes pregnant. So Michelle and her fiancé were very lucky.

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When superload occurs, The ages of fetuses vary, so their size may vary. Additional fertilization can only occur in the first or second month of pregnancy.

3. She gave birth to triplets

As a result of the super pregnancy, Michelle gave birth to three children. All the girls were healthy They were born at a similar time. However, the twins were about a week older. Several years have passed since then and the family has grown even larger. The parents also had a son.

The parents of four children run a social media profile where they showcase their daily lives. “Spontaneous triplets, super pregnancy” – said the caption of the TikTok profile, which is followed by more than 420 thousand people.

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