The TV community has been talking about this for a week: how TVA will succeed in setting up its own big Sunday discussion board and how to deal with it Everyone is talking about it Radio-Canada in exactly one month?

Posted yesterday at 7:15 p.m.

This is TVA’s bold decision. Dangerous, too. Guy A. LeBeau has been serving the Radio-Canadian Mass at 8pm for 18 years, and his followers rarely deviate from their listening habits, although devotion has waned for some time.

Stephen Bureau is the recipient of this bold, but super-intriguing order to immediately revive heated debates. Star Academy. The transition between these two worlds is also surprising, at least.

Yes, there is room for a second news talk show on mainstream television. Competition pulls everyone in the industry up, and it is the general public that wins.

Moreover, the Stéphan Bureau can conduct interviews in a variety of subjects, as evidenced by his long track record.

Now, how will this novelty of TVA, which is scheduled to launch on April 17th at 9pm, come out on our screens? Rumor has it a French palette – consider We are not in bed Laurent Rookier – Captain’s console surrounded by rotating team members. TVA will produce this 60-minute show locally.

Of course, behind-the-scenes noise affects many Quebec media headliners (QUB, Montreal JournalI, VAT) around Stephen Biro. I contacted many of them, including Richard Martineau, Sophie Durocher, Mario Dumont, Denise Bombardier, Geneviève Pettersen or Joseph Facal. Did not participate in the first four issues scheduled for this spring. TVA’s morning star Mary-Claude Barrett was not approached.

Led by the Stéphan Bureau, TVA will certainly retrieve audiences who are more skewed to the right and complain about the “left” trend, and I will use their words. Everyone is talking about it. This is logical and legitimate.

But what I understand is that TVA wants conflicts of opinion on its antenna. Things have to stir in the studio, ideas have to clash, voices have to be heard that are not echoed anywhere else. Therefore, analysts and guests should not all think alike. Hence the importance of drawing on the left as well as on the right in the spectrum of ideas.

Photo from the show’s Facebook page

Guy A. Lepage, Editor Everyone is talking about it

And like Everyone is talking about it Playing live, TVA has virtually no choice but to broadcast live. Otherwise, there is a risk that pre-recorded episodes will fade or expire if the news moves occasionally as it has in the last two years.

What is surprising about TVA’s strategy for Stephen Biro’s project is that the scheduled broadcast time is 9pm. TVA does not tend to lag behind its rivals, on the contrary. When it comes to the channel competing with the hot show, say 7:00 pm, TVA beats it until 6:30 pm to avoid it. This aggressive strategy will always be effective.

Remember long periods Star Academy In the time of Julie Snyder. They run from 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm and prevent visitors from leaving. Everyone is talking about it. TVA encouraged Julie Snyder to smash her stopwatch so as not to succumb to her rival in the rating battle.

Speaking of Star Academy, Colas will bring 1.5 million pairs of eyes to Stephen Bureau and his collaborators. But how many will be waiting? It’s hard to predict, because TVA always offers lighter varieties on Sunday evenings.

In 18 years Everyone is talking about it, TVA became Guy A. This is the first time he has been involved in public affairs to attack LeBron’s top brass equally. It’s getting ready for a big cock fight. And it’s very exciting.

Last summer, when the ombudsman of Radio-Canada accused Stephen Biro of interviewing French epidemiologist Didier Raoult, we realized that a kind of hand had been stretched out by the Quebec Media media outlets. Of course From 95.1 FM. Many of them, including Matthew Poke-Cote, Richard Martino and Sophie Durocher, came to its defense, as if preparing the bureau, without knowing the way to the west.

I really like Stephen’s office. I like his brilliance, his broad public culture and his pulse. I do not like it when he plays nono in the air (“I’m uneducated, forgive me!”) Or when he’s stuck in his positions.

The biggest danger waiting for him on TVA is to run a project that defines itself as an opposition.Everyone is talking about itLooking for the next one I woke up To be demolished. It is wrong to camp in opposition.

Stéphan Bureau is a great animator. He is aware of the dangers associated with these types of traps. I spoke to him on Tuesday afternoon. After spending the last five months in Arizona, he was driving down the highway in New Mexico, moving to Montreal, where he had not set foot since November.

On the phone he seemed to be relaxed. He could not confirm the details of his plan to TVA, but denied anything. Next week, he can reveal everything, he told me. You know Stephen Bureau. He is not a crawler or a permit.

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