Serge Postico, who has settled in France, returns to work in Quebec

It was a concert ProducersWritten by Mel Brooks, it led to her settling in France with her family near Paris in 2021.

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Music while Kinky Boots, he had to be loaded here, it did not happen because of the epidemic, Serge Postiko took refuge abroad. At the suggestion of his girlfriend, actress Karin Pelly, he auditioned for the role of Max Bialystok, a fallen Broadway producer. Producers. He was hired, and the show was a huge success. So the actor had the idea to create his own version in Quebec, which we will see in 2024. “It’s the most award-winning musical comedy in history,” insists Serge, who will reprise his role as Max. “. Auditions are now open. Interested actors and dancers must register By September 26. “I want everyone who wants to have a chance to have it.”

Also, his eldest, Thomas Postico, is now working professionally as a singer. His father was proud of it! Can the son participate in the program? “I promise you one thing: if he ends up on the show, he’ll be auditioned. Karin, my girlfriend, already passed one of my auditions, and she didn’t get it. As Denis Filiatrault says: “I don’t have a father or a mother in this!” One day Thomas will be mine. If he wants to be on a show, he has to audition. The worst thing I can do for him is give him a role he doesn’t have.

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Have Serge, Karine and their two children, Valentin, nine, and Scarlett, almost eight, settled permanently in France? “No, I had contracts in France. Next year, I will spend several months in Montreal. My house is still there. I’m going to walk between two places, because there are three or four productions coming up in Paris next year. I think my life now moves back and forth between the two countries because I work in both places and my kids go to school in France. Scarlett and Valentin never went to school in Quebec. They came to France very young, with their mother, who played in the theater there. Since 2016, I have been walking alone most of the time, without my family.

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