Big Retirement File - Happy with $3,266 per month income

A 65-year-old former nurse, proud of her gray hair, is living a dream retirement, pocketing $3,266 a month after a thirty-year career at Morrissey Hospital.

“I worked for 34 years. I was in the emergency room at La Tuque. I had a great career. I am satisfied with my white hair because it reflects where I am,” laughs Sylvie Faucher, a 65-year-old retired nurse who met last Wednesday at a retirement summit.

Each month, he receives $2,000 from the Administrative Authority for Retirement and Insurance Programs (CARRA), $600 from the Quebec Pension Plan (QPP) and $666 from the old-age pension, for a total of $3,266.

“not punishment”

For Sylvie Faucher, the slogan “Freedom at 55” became a reality, because at this age she retired, starting at 21.

“I am blessed. Men and women fought in the Sangh before us so that we could have a dignified life,” he asserts.

According to a former nurse, we owe it to a proud candle to fight the sweat of the brow before securing a generous pension fund.

She explains the appeal of former Quebec premier Jacques Pariseau, who said, “Don’t be afraid,” when asked what message she wanted to send to young nurses.

“I would tell them not to be afraid of taking a break. It’s not a punishment. It’s not an unpleasant time. On the contrary, it’s the most beautiful thing in our lives,” says the charmer.

at Register, Grandma says she thrives on watching her grandchildren grow day by day. “It’s fun,” she smiles. “I’m well retired. It’s a real gift,” she breathes.

While some workers dimly see leaving their jobs, Sylvie Foucher, who has been retired for 10 years, says we need to step in.

“We have to retire,” concludes a community member involved in the Professional Rehabilitation of Retired Health Service Employees (RIIRS).

Founded in 1992, the Interprofessional Group of Retired Health Services Stakeholders (RIIRS) aims to protect the rights of seniors, and its activities allow the voices of its 11,000 members to be heard.

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