“Life on Planet Earth.”  Spielberg has gone further than he did in Jurassic Park.

Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park was a major breakthrough. Although there have been films featuring animated dinosaurs before (for example, the unforgettable… “The Lost World” from 1925 With amazing effects Willis O’Brien), but this was the first time we saw them in this form and on this size. However, that was 30 years ago. Since then, three “Jurassic Park” films and three more “Jurassic World” films have been produced, with “Jurassic Park IV” scheduled to be released in 2024.

30 years after the premiere of this groundbreaking work Steven Spielberg Interfered with the chain “Life on planet Earth”, which is an extensively embellished document. In several episodes, the Netflix series attempted to depict the mystery of life and its evolution from the beginning, i.e. the emergence of anaerobic bacteria 4 billion years ago.

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Although there are films showing the history of life on Earth, this film is the greatest.

Steven Spielberg did his work using technology he knew well and given to him by an old friend. The series used visual effects created by Industrial Light & Magic, founded by “Star Wars” creator George Lucas.

All the creatures on display here, not just dinosaurs, but also creatures from 300, 400, or more than 500 million years ago, They are presented against real backgrounds filmed by filmmakers around the world.

However, the task was not easy, because, for example, the episode related to the Cambrian explosion of life between 540 and 510 million years ago. An entirely new seabed had to be generated by computerwith coral reefs and organisms living in them that are not seen today.

This connects the current “Life on Planet Earth” with the earlier “Jurassic Park,” where George Lucas also helped create the dinosaurs. Steven Spielberg revealed the details of this cooperation only this year. He described Lucas as “the best friend of my entire life.”.

So we can rephrase that all the planets in Lucas’ “Star Wars” movie were eventually joined by Earth millions of years ago, with Steven Spielberg presenting a war for survival as almost a battlefield for entire groups of animals. He called it inter-dynasty rivalry, where one dynasty ends and another takes its place.

After arthropods, cephalopods, fish and amphibians, came the reptiles least restricted by their relationships to water, and finally the largest and longest reigning lineage of rulers of the Earth – the dinosaurs. Their reign spans more than 150 million years, longer than many invertebrate groups.

“No race has subjugated the planet as much as the last race, the mammals,” we hear in the series’ voiceover. Morgana Freemana (Polish version: incomparable Christina Chubona).

It is worth noting that Spielberg almost skipped the short but intense period of the bird race’s rule on Earth. This happened after the extinction of the dinosaurs 66 million years ago and before the dominance of mammals. One representative of this period was the two and a half meter long bird shown here Titanis.

In the series, he is the one who loses the battle with the dominant mammal, the saber-toothed cat Smilodon.

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“Life on Planet Earth” draws on the latest discoveries and research, but to a much lesser extent than, for example, David Attenborough’s “The Prehistoric Planet,” which featured species of dinosaurs and other Mesozoic animals discovered and described only in recent years or last decade. However, we will also see in Steven Spielberg’s work some innovative concepts, such as the one regarding dinosaurs cooperating while hunting.

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