June 7, 2023


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Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara in the Polish director’s movie! Cold War creator returns

Officially announce it Paweł Pawlikowski He’s back with a new movie. Supposed to be an interesting story with the title The island (Job title). Joaquin Phoenix And the Ronnie Mara They have to play the main roles. Pawe Pawlikowski will direct based on his script.

Al Jazeera – what is the movie?

The story is inspired by true events and centers on an attractive American couple in the 1930s. They make a decision to abandon civilization to build their own paradise on a deserted island and live on what the land gives them. When a millionaire passes their island, he inadvertently turns them into a sensation in the tabloids. Then the Countess arrives on the island with her strange lover and plans to build a luxury hotel on the island. Her actions soon became a threat to the couple’s Eden. Conflict is increasing. A psychological war begins in which seduction and jealousy lead to sexual infidelity, betrayal, and ultimately murder. At the exact same moment nature begins a rebellion against invaders.

FilmNation Entertaimnemt is responsible for the project. They plan to sell it at AFM in November 2022. Apocalypse Pictures and Brightstar are the producing companies. Producers include Tanya Segachian, John Woodward, Mario Gianni, and Lorenzo Gangarosa. Ewa Puszczyńska is a co-producer.

It’s Bowie Pawlikowski’s comeback after four years. In 2018 it was released cold Warwhich received three Oscar nominations. before that was Idathat won an Oscar.

The release date of the new movie is unknown. Work on the set will begin in 2023.