January 27, 2023


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Documentary about the actress who accused Marilyn Manson of sexual harassment

Documentary about the actress who accused Marilyn Manson of sexual harassment

Wood, 34, admitted to a Rolling Stone reporter in 2016 that she was raped by a “significant person” two years earlier. She later became involved in supporting the Sexual Assault Victims Rights Act. Media speculated that she is referring to Manson. This categorically denied it. In November 2020, his lawyer released a statement: “Unfortunately, we live in an age where people believe what they read online and are free to say whatever they like without providing evidence.”

Not a very scary demon. Marilyn Manson is 50 years old

In February 2021, Wood confirmed on Instagram and in a statement to Vanity Fair that Brian Warner (Marilyn Manson’s real name) was “the one who has abused her terribly over the years” and that she was manipulated and “forced into submission” by him. . During this time, four other women made similar allegations against the rock star. Including Game of Thrones actress Esmé Bianco and former rock musician assistant Ashley Walters. Manson constantly claims it was defamation, and Los Angeles police are trying to determine if he was actually involved in domestic violence.

According to an announcement, a documentary directed by Amy Berg is also investigating Wood’s accusations against Marilyn Manson. On the festival’s website, information about “Phoenix Rising” is accompanied by the caption: “Actress and activist Evan Rachel Wood uses her experience with a victim of domestic violence to seek justice, heal the trauma of a generation, and reclaim her history in a culture that easily blames women. The film in detail. Describes her way of exposing her notorious stalker.” “

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According to Variety, the document has been in development for more than two years. After making his festival debut, he’s going to HBO. “Somehow this spring,” Evan Rachel Wood announced on Instagram.