LAJWA's Przemysław Kossakowski translates from Seases: "In my opinion, nothing major has happened. I have another perception of myself"

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Kossakowski explains that the recording was made because he wanted to make it despite his colleagues who invited him to “City,” Ensure that alcohol is drunk in a secluded place, i.e. in a private room. They didn’t want anyone to take pictures of him, which is understandable and a good sign for his insightful friends. However, Przymek points out, it hurt him a little, so he decided to compromise himself, without the help of this closed room.

(…) fellow businessmen arranged a meeting In a closed room behind a restaurant By proving that if we drink alcohol in public, Anyone can take a picture of meThen send this photo to a newspaper and it will be a disgrace. I seem to have subconsciously taken up the matter as a kind of challenge, and decided to prove that if I wanted to compromise myself, no protective measures, such as closed rooms, would prevent me from doing so. — He writes with awkward enthusiasm, flaunting the drunken imagination of the 49-year-old.


The traveler notices “He did not violate the social contract” – Yes, everyone is human and everyone exaggerates this or that. However, hardly anyone is a public figure whose job is to build the image of a warm and friendly friend, always elegantly dressed and appearing on television. Possibly throwing a few licks off a toilet seat is less than anyone’s dignified.

Besides, well, I didn’t break applicable law or the social contract, so in my opinion nothing major happened, except for the image crunch of course. – Kosakovsky immediately says “jokes”: This crisis of the image is the fact that He’s out to be a ‘drunk bear’, and thinks of himself rather from the perspective of… Noble. Yes, you read this correctly: Not that he was drunk in the toilet, but he didn’t look good in it.

Unfortunately, because it is a drama in terms of the image. Friends, whom I think I really care about, after watching the material said that I look like a drunk bear, bona fide him. It hurts so much because I have a completely different idea of ​​myself. I will not describe this picture in detail, it is enough to write that I imagine myself somewhere halfway between a somber gentleman and a latin dancer, and so being banished to a statue of a drunken bear is a very humiliating experience for me. – We read.

So “offensive” Przemyk encouraged fans not to watch “similar nonsense” anymore. In the post there was not a single word “I’m sorry”, and it is also absurd to find in it any deeper reflection except that Przemek looks petty on the toilet seat.


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