Dragon Ball was not without flaws.  Here are the biggest mistakes of the makers of the worship series

Expanding the series to very high proportions comes with many concessions. Although – especially in Japanese culture – it was a rational way to publish their work, it often led to many problems (after all, today it is a very rare precedent, and authors tend to sum up the titles), among which are characteristic changes directions and animations Least cautious and spread work addiction.

Another common problem was the plot problem. Like it or not, when we’re dealing with a series of several hundred chapters/episodes, The world of work is evolving too It is very easy to forget what he promised years ago. As you know, one of the heroes said something in episode 126, and in 719 he no longer remembers it and mentions a completely different principle in the created universe.

Such controversies have often occurred in the case of Dragon Ball. And although of course the manga is the archetype and prototype, I will focus on the animation, because that is what most of us (generally or firstly) deal with. anyway Production holds a special place in my heart, I always remember with a slight smile how many times creators stumbled upon their own assumptions. It’s worth remembering them for the weekend!

Super Saiyan Plague

Well, this is probably the biggest mistake, although there is an excuse for it. According to the legends shared by Vegeta at the beginning of the series, Super Sayiajin was supposed to be born once in a millennium and that’s it. So when Son Goku turned into Namek, it was meant to be the culmination of everything. The best proof of this is the fact that Dragon Ball itself was supposed to end after the fight with Freeza. Later, however, everything was extended, a lot of other transformations were added, and even Broly was added, who had to somehow justify the error himself.

solid moon

The question that is repeated throughout the Akira Toriyama series is .. What about the moon?! As you may remember, in Dragon Ball, during one of the last Tenkaichi Budokai, Kame Senin (as Jackie Chun) destroyed the moon. And all would be great were it not for the fact that Dragon Ball Z Piccolo did the same early on to stop Son Gohan’s transformation. Anyway… the issue of tails is a separate issue (like the fact that Trunks or Son Goten didn’t have them).

Senzo and the scars

We’ve seen the anime heroes get scarred over and over again – they were all war wounds and literally scarred. Let me remind you, for example, of Vegeta, who was cured by Frieza after the fight with Son Goku. Supposedly he could take senzu pills later, but… why did the scars (like Vegeta, Goku, or Kuririn) disappear and some (like Tenshinhan or Yamsha) stay longer? A visual issue of course, although a bit imprecise.

Sorry, there are no more places!

One of the rules of the Soul and Time Chamber was the setting of places – according to the information, only two people could stay there at once (and then, for example, split into a couple before fighting with the hive). So why at some point in Buu Sagi, in After Training, Son Goten, Trunks, Piccolo, and Buu were all at the same time?! I guess they were a little tight, right?

Kinto Cloud under warranty

Remember the Kinto cloud that moved little Son Goku in the first series? He once received it from Kame Senina, who then told him that in order to fly on it you must have an absolutely pure heart, and that she herself is indestructible. Well … perhaps the warrior should face the genius tortoise, because it is worth noting that the tambourine simply destroyed this means of transportation.

Fake Dragon Balls?!

The other indestructible thing about Dragon Ball is the Dragon Balls title – although not because it was indestructible, but because it would simply lose its power. On the one hand, he repeatedly repeated that she should not be spoiled, and on the other … Yajirubi was wearing one of the crutches hung around his neck. on a chain. Pierced. Silly mistake, although – as they say – it happens for the better.


the master. Devil with Go Pro

A small mistake, but it always made me laugh… Remember that once great tournament was televised all over the world? All this so you can watch Mr. satana. At one point, we saw the shot from the viewers’ point of view, when it fell away from the battlefield, covered in rubble from broken rocks. And how is this possible, since the camera crew was all the time standing very close to the arena built by the opponent?

Homies Kame Senina

In the series it was said that Kame Senin is more than 300 years old, and he is associated with the elixir he drank heavily, thanks to which he is not in danger of dying from old age. And everything would be great, but how can we recall the memories of the bright youth of the tortoise, who spent time with Tsuru Senen and Tao Bai Bai at that time? How can they live so long?

Nappa and force measurement

Initially, Dragon Ball Z was very popular with energy meters used by Freeza’s Army. As most of you will probably remember, Raditz “boasted” of a score of 1200. At the same time he was considered a strongman among other warriors who were sent on special missions. Freesia possesses at least 1,500 units of strength…

Vegeta’s stubble

In the end, one of my favorite and the only Dragon Ball GT mistakes I’d like to mention here. Of course, we are talking about the famous mustache Vegeta. Even in “Zetka” Prince Saiyan mentions that true warriors of their race do not grow their hair (referring to Trunks’ hair). So where does the stubble beard on Vegeta’s older face come from?! A minor breach but quickly fixed!

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