Anna Masher has had an amazing career on screen.  She broke up after her split from a famous actor

Anna Masher She appeared in many blockbuster films. She was thirty when she won the prestigious Zbyszek Cybulski Award and nomination for the Leading Acting Award at the Polish Film Festival in Gdynia for his brilliant performance in “Death of the Child”. She was not only beautiful and young, but also extremely talented. She even starred in Luc Besson’s “Fanfan Tulipan” opposite Vincent Perez and Penelope Cruz.

This beautiful profession was destroyed by problems in his private life. Anna Masher fell in love with her professor while she was still a student. dead now Andrzej StrzeleckiThis is the unforgettable Doctor Kozicho of the Klan, who was her great love. The couple had an affair for a long time, but the actor did not decide to leave the family to his lover. When Strzelecki decided after many years to divorce another partner, Joanna Pałucka, her heart almost broke. For her, he wasn’t ready for such a move…

In 1999, she appeared as the hostel in “With Fire and Sword”, and in 2002 she starred in “Quo Vadis”. At that time, she completely separated from the stage. As I explained, I got tired of the atmosphere there.

“I took a two-year break in theater work, I left the Ateneum. I took a break for hygiene reasons. I’m sick of what happens in the theater. I’m not a buffet actress, I don’t. I don’t sit there, I don’t run errands, I don’t play any games. Games Which is played in the cupboards, but I did not disappear from the TV screen, I went there a lot, and the movie reminded me anyway ”- she explained in an interview with Dorota Wellman.

She appeared in a few series “Kryminalni”, “39 i pół” or “Nanny” and disappeared forever. “She became depressed, drank alcohol, did not play new roles” – she wrote about her in “Live”.

Although she did nothing with Strzelecki for a long time, her death in 2020 suffered greatly. The actress’s friends later revealed in an interview with Pleiades that “Ania cut herself off from the world. She is in contact with few people. She lives in humility but with dignity.”

In December last year, she appeared at the premiere of “Back to Those Days”, where she played the role of Dinka. Everything indicates that the 59-year-old actress has started a new stage in her life.

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