Exhibition industry asks PM to change public key directory category

“Because of this classification – as it turned out – incorrect, public-key evidence, companies designing and building often remained without government assistance from the so-called shields. For nearly a year, the trade fair defense committee has been negotiating the matter with the person in charge. About the classification of industries in the framework of the Central Statistical Office of the PKD. So far – there are no results “- it is noted.

The letter said that the crisis caused by the pandemic “turned out to be devastating to the exhibition industry”, and that “the main victims” lie with companies that, among other things, design and build fair exhibition spaces.

“The cancellation of the events we worked for was a fatal blow to us. The nail in the coffin in most cases was the lack of government assistance from the so-called shields” – said Bowie Monteuka of the Industry Defense Committee at the Trade Fair (KOBT), quoted in the letter. He stressed that the government support was to reach the industries most affected by the epidemic, but the industry dealing with the creation of exhibition space in the exhibition remained without this assistance.

“The government seems to have come to the conclusion that it is possible to delete all companies bearing the PKD code 73.11.Z due to the fact that the advertising companies under its control were in a relatively good position” – Monteuka was evaluated.

“As a result of the shutdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic (the exhibition industry companies – PAP) have been frozen for about a year and a half, and therefore – in fact – they have been deprived of the possibility of receiving assistance from several Government Issues + Shields +. PKD token, which is assigned to us Several years ago, to 73.11.Z. Advertising companies also found themselves in the same category. It was due to a translation error,” we read in a letter sent by KOBT to the Prime Minister.

“In the phase of generating the list of public key directory codes for individual sectors, about a dozen or so years ago, it was found that since the English word + stand + stands for both display stands and advertising banners located in stores, advertising companies must be subject to the same code PKD ”- explained Krzysztof Szofer of the Committee for Defense of the Exhibition Industry, quoted in the letter.

“During the boom years of the exhibition industry, it was far from our attention, and was only needed, for example, when filling out official documents. During the current pandemic crisis, the companies that design and build exhibition stands (PKD Code 73.11.Z) were omitted in most + shields + ”- we read in the letter addressed to the Prime Minister.

KOBT confirmed that the commission applied to the Central Bureau of Statistics nearly a year ago to list these companies in a different category.

“As representatives of companies engaged in trade fairs, we ask you to intervene in the matter of changing the number of PKD category to which we are subject” – wrote entrepreneurs from the exhibition industry.

The report said that although they may be operating again for several months, many of the companies they run are struggling with a year and a half of downtime caused by the pandemic.

“Loss of cash or inability to finance current operations is the most common problem for companies designing and constructing exhibition spaces” – indicated in the letter to the Head of Government, arguing that many of these companies simply ended their activities or changed their industries, at great but almost no Notes, at the expense of the exhibition sector.

“Considering that for the state authorities, fairs have always been the main instrument of strengthening the Polish economy, both at home and in the world, we are convinced that the Government still considers this form of economic strengthening to be of prime importance and certainly wants to keep it in the best possible condition. From the entire exhibition infrastructure, and even more so because before the epidemic we paid 0.75 billion PLN annually in taxes to the state treasury, we employed 100,000 people ”- we read.

“Today, we need to clearly separate the sector of the companies we represent from the advertising industry, which is doing well despite the pandemic, in order to avoid distorting the statistics. Therefore, it is necessary to allocate to us a public key directory (PKD) token that is different from what it was before” – The businessman referred in the letter to the Prime Minister.


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