Russia - Europe.  Natural gas does not flow through Nord Stream 1. Gazprom explains the suspension of gas supplies to Germany, comments Simon Carday

On Monday, Gazprom said it had received an official warning from the Rostecnadzor authority that the Portovaya compressor station did not meet safety requirements. Continued operation without removing the identified defects poses a risk of fire or explosion, as indicated in the statement of the Russian concern. Earlier, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that the problems with gas supply from Russia to Europe are entirely caused by Western sanctions.

Portovaya Compressor Station is part of the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline, which is 1,200 km long and runs through it. Baltic Seafrom the Russian coast near Saint Petersburg to the northeast German. The gas pipeline was opened in 2011 and can be shipped from Russia to Germany a maximum of 170 million cubic meters of gas per day.

Gas supplies through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline have been significantly limited since June of this year. So far, they’ve been about 20 percent. The maximum capacity of the gas pipeline. Last week, Gazprom decided to shut down the entire gas pipeline from Russia to Germany, explaining that further maintenance was required. The work was supposed to take three days. Supplies of raw materials, already at limited levels, were due to resume on Saturday. However, this did not happen.

Russia has stopped gas supplies to Europe

On Friday, Gazprom announced the suspension of gas transportation due to a malfunction of the compressor station’s turbine. The company said it had detected engine oil leaks in the turbines and that until it was fixed, the supply of raw materials would not resume. The German side said that there are no technical reasons justifying such a move.

In its statement on Monday, Gazprom cited alleged information from Siemens Energy, the turbine manufacturer, which said that “the causes of the oil leak can only be addressed by a specialized repair company.”

An alleged oil leak was found in a turbine, photo from the press office of GazpromPress Service PAP / EPA / RUSSIAN GAZPROM

However, Siemens Energy already indicated on Friday that the turbine leak does not technically justify the shutdown of the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline by Russia’s Gazprom. According to the company, the turbine may be shut down at the site. Siemens Energy confirmed in a statement, “As a turbine manufacturer, we can conclude that (the leak) is not a technical reason to stop operations,” noting that “the occurrence of this type of leakage in the past did not lead to stopping operations.”

Gazprom announced on Monday that the Federal Office for Environmental, Technological and Atomic Supervision (Rostechnadzor) on September 2 this year. Issued a warning about the continued operation of the Portovaya compressor station and a possible violation of security requirements established by Russian regulations.

PAP / Maciej Zieliński

“The Kremlin spokesman made things clear this morning.”

Dr. Shimon Kardash, chief specialist for the Russian team at the Center for Oriental Studies, noted Gazprom’s recent announcement in a Twitter entry.

“Gazprom has just released another statement explaining the arrest of #nordstream1. Brno in technical details. It is good that the Kremlin spokesperson clarified in the morning: gas to lift sanctions,” Karday wrote.

Earlier on Monday, a Kremlin spokesman said Dmitriy Peskov He said that the gas supply problems from Russia to Europe are entirely caused by Western sanctions. Europe accuses Russian President Vladimir Putin To use energy as a political weapon.

Reuters, PAP, TVN24 Biznes

Main image source: Press Service PAP / EPA / RUSSIAN GAZPROM

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