Lady Dimitrescu in RE Village: The Gold Edition had to be cut back

Coming to market on October 28 Resident Evil Village: Gold Editionand with it Winter expansion. One of the highlights of this version will be three additional Mercenary Mode characters (unlocked after completing the campaign), including Lady Dimitrescu. as it turns out In order for the vampire to become a playable hero, the developers had to reduce her height.

This information was provided by Kento Kinoshita, DLC Director Winter expansion. In an interview with Polygon He confessedwhich – which Ms. Dmitrescu’s height has caused many problems for creators. The greatest of these was the convenience of character control. So it was decided to reduce it.

The growth of Lady Dimitrescu turned out to be quite a challenge, but in the end we managed to achieve her with her massive stature, which is taller than all the other heroes. With mercenaries, it is essential that players can easily control their characters. to make it possible We reduced its height to less than nine feet (about 2.70 meters). This height will also allow you not to hit your head against the ceiling.

So the change is not very important. As you know, Lady Dimitrescu was very popular at the time Capcom decided to do it officially confirmhow long is it. We then learned that it is about 2.90 metres. This means that For Mercenary Mode, it will be shrunk by less than 20cm.

It is worth remembering this before the first show Resident Evil Village In May 2021, Ms. Dmitrescu almost completely conquered the Internet. It was possible at every turn He hits For memes and fan graphics in which she played the main role.

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