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Black Friday is the week of shopping frenzy. So let’s check out all the promotions. Let’s calculate the benefits. Let’s check the parameters and quality of the products. And calmly, let’s choose our best opportunity.

Carpe diem, the ancient Romans used to say. Seize the day and enjoy every moment because it will never happen again. Live in the present and enjoy it, because that is the essence of life. This philosophy is still valid more than two thousand years later. But there are days, even weeks, that we seize just like that, routinely, and days that must be seized absolutely and irrevocably at any cost. Black Friday is just such a week. This is a week of the biggest, best and most attractive promotions in stores. This shopping holiday came to us from abroad recently. It has no context nor anchorage in our culture, but we love it more than Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and all other foreign holidays combined. why? Because all other holidays force us to go this way or that. On the contrary, Black Friday allows you to save a lot. Literally everything.

Hold the plate

The energy-saving induction hob, which will replace the traditional gas burners in the cooker, is not the first product that comes to mind when thinking of Black Friday deals. That’s pathetic. Induction hobs are great. It is accurate and easy to use. They are easy to clean. And to top it all off, they are safer than gas stoves. And also cheaper to run thanks to energy savings. Electrolux slim fit It is an induction hob that has all of these advantages and… more. The Power Boost option gives it more power, and the Opti-Fix system ensures easy and trouble-free installation in all conditions, even in older buildings with outdated electrical installations. This is great, sophisticated equipment, and you usually have to spend over a thousand zlotys. Now, on Black Friday, you can get it right now 999 zlotys!

Grab the scissors

Or maybe take care of a haircut? Beards, mustaches or any other hair? And not necessarily their own, because it is a machine Braun MGH5280 It can also be purchased for a Christmas gift. Very practical and useful. The Braun machine can handle it all. It has 13 cutting length settings. Four different combs, one for body grooming, one for grooming and even for nose and ear trimming. It’s an all-in-one, combined with a true clipper. Thanks to it, you can easily get rid of unwanted hair or style the hair that you want to leave in a fancy way. And at half the price! Yes, although this shaver usually costs money 279 zlotysYou can buy it on Black Friday for PLN 149! Saying it’s a good deal is like saying nothing.

Get your tablet

Yes, you can watch movies or surf the internet on your smartphone. But it is better to do it on a tablet. It has the same advantages as a phone – you can take it wherever it would be difficult to use a TV or a laptop. But it is larger and more convenient to use. And volume matters, especially when watching movies. If this did not happen, people would not go to the cinema, but watch everything at home. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is the latest cutting-edge offering from the world’s leading electronics manufacturer. It has an impressive 10 inch TFT screen. Octa-core processor, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of storage. And a very capacious battery. And traditionally for Samsung tablets, a cool stylus that will make it easier to work, learn and unleash creativity. On any other day, such a high-end device would cost money Polish zloty 1649. On the occasion of “Black Friday” you can grab it 1299 zlotysSave up to four hundred.

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Grab your laptop

Of course, Black Friday also has an excellent opportunity to buy a computer at a much lower price. Dell G15 laptop usually cost PLN 4,549.00 PLN. Today you can, and in fact have to catch it by… PLN 2,999.00 PLN. yes even about PLN 1,550 less. Unbelievable but true. Three thousand 15-inch laptops with an Intel i5 processor, 16GB of RAM, 512GB SSD, and a 120Hz display. And an RTX 3050 Ti graphics card! After all, this is good gaming gear, not to mention solid performance in all other possible applications. For three thousand you can usually buy such equipment … but it’s used. Not new and brand new! If there’s a Black Friday deal you really can’t afford to miss, it’s the Dell G15.

Get on TV

At least two of you will have to seize this opportunity. One person simply cannot lift a 75-inch TV Sony Bravia. Especially since it’s packed with advanced electronics which greatly increases its weight… types. The powerful 4K HDR Processor X1 will upscale even the weakest images to high definition and maximum quality. Triluminos Pro, Motionflow XR and X-Reality Pro guarantee an impressive palette of colors and unparalleled image smoothness and clarity. The TV meets Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos standards. It is based on the popular and versatile Android TV platform, which will allow you to install any applications you need. Additional support for Chromecast and AirPlay will allow you to flip the picture from the smartphone screen to the full 75-inch Sony Bravia. The new, better and bigger TV will be useful for watching the World Cup, for streaming movies and series, and for traditional TV, if anyone is still watching it. And this “Black Friday” you can buy them from Half a thousand cheaper! Its usual price is PLN 6,499.00 PLNbut only today is now available for PLN 5999.00 PLN! This is a significant cost, but this is not a one-season device, but equipment that meets the standards even in 10 years. It is worth considering whether to take advantage of this opportunity or not.

The partner is Media Expert

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