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“Identify yourself at last” – March He announces that Mbappe is tired and wants to leave Paris Saint-Germain in January!!! Gate information Caused a global earthquake. His relationship with Paris Saint-Germain is severed. He wanted to leave as early as July, but the French club opened the way for him only to Liverpool. Real does not change his plans.

In the royal section: Real Madrid have already reached the 1/8 finals of the Champions League – Rudiger ‘bleeding’ goal in stoppage time.

Plus at the bottom: Seville’s step forward; Griezmann to avoid disaster – Atletico faces Club Brugge, group leader. 1/8 finals are possible only with a victory – Barcelona with no margin for error in the confrontation with Inter.

And at the top too: a patrodollar approaching the Euroleague – the sponsor from Dubai; A calming and historic victory for women’s representation over the United States.

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“Rüdiger turned his face” – as such The phrase loosely translated means “to stand,” describing that valiant German goal in overtime, which Cut him in the faceReal gave a draw. The kings who played the wrong match actually made it to the 1/8 finals of the Champions League.

Basement in the Kyliana section: Mbappé wants to leave ASAP – the French want to leave PSG in the winter window; He believes Paris Club did not deliver on his promise when he extended his contract.

Bottom in the Champions League division: personal point – Sevilla’s draw at Dortmund keeps the dream alive by the 1/8 finals; To death in the confrontation with Club Brugge – Griezmann at the top of the team with no margin for error in the match with the group leader; Half a season in one evening – Barcelona’s defense plays everything in the Champions League against Inter.

Top of the page: Historic victory – The women’s team defeated the United States in Pamplona with a record attendance.

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“Finalissima” – Mundo Deportivo And he stresses that Barcelona must win with Inter so that he does not return to exile to the European League. Camp Nou will be a cauldron, Xavi is optimistic and Lewandowski wants to be decisive again. The daily manager’s comment: Barcelona will know its level today.

Below: Seville must do a miracle. Atlético could no longer fail; to the 1/8 finals with blood and Mbappe on hand – Rudiger cut his head open for his goal and Kylian wants to leave PSG; Spain B passed the high school leaving exam against the world champions.

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“Only victory counts” – sports He declares that Barcelona need to beat Inter to survive in the Champions League. Xavi: “It’s the final, you have to be brave, we have to attack more and better.” Robert Moreno Analysis: “Healer is for the better, but especially for the bad.”

Bottom: Real Madrid avoid losing in extra time. Sampaoli begins to change the face of Seville. Tomorrow is a big threat to Atlético. Spain changes for the women and overtakes the world champion.

Summit: Mbappe wants to leave Paris Saint-Germain in January! The French feel betrayed by the management and have a bad relationship with Neymar and coach Galtier.

In addition, columns about: Barcelona owes us a magical evening. Yes, Sampaoli has a Barcelona profile. Those who wear the number 12.

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