June 3, 2023


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Xbox Game Pass plus another game for January. Microsoft has not yet revealed the full list

The giant from Redmond has accustomed players to methodological proposals in support of the popular service, but for several weeks we have been witnessing an unexpected situation. The Americans haven’t revealed the entire list yet, and we’re discovering new products thanks to an app update.

Microsoft usually shares the news that it’s headed to Xbox Game Pass on the first Tuesday of the month. In January we see some hesitation in this routine, which sparks some curiosity – Some players start to wonderWhat is really behind the inactivity of the company representatives.

At the beginning of the week, Stranded Deep was added to the service’s library, and now the list has been expanded with Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition. Cold Symmetry debuted on the first platforms in 2020, and less than a year after release, the developers have released versions for current generation consoles.

Mortal Shell score 76%, Being a fairly successful actor of the souls genre. It takes about 10-11 hours to complete the production, and if you want to learn all the secrets and corners of the dark world, you will have to spend almost 20 hours on the game.

The title is available on Xbox Game Pass on consoles and PC, though it’s worth noting that it was recently available for free as part of an Epic Games Store promotion.

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