“La Voix 10 ans”: Ludovic Bourgeois knows his late father was proud of him

That is among all the compiled moments the voice In the first nine seasons we were given the journey and success of Ludovic Bourgeois before his father, Patrick Bourgeois, leader of the Les Bibi group, a few months before his death.

Ludovic Bourgeois listens carefully with coach Isabelle Boulay during his blind audition at the start of “La Voix” Season 5 in 2017.

Screenshot / QMI Agency

In the blind audition, Ludovic Bourgeois also started again You will never know, a great success for his father. She practically has the same voice as him, and Isabelle Boulay, Eric Lapointe — who would become her coach — and Pierre Lapointe noticed after pressing their red button.

Despite his talent, Ludovic had imposter syndrome. He talks about the pride his father must have felt when he saw him win at the end of the fifth season in 2017, six months before he died of cancer.

“If I put myself in his shoes, I can only imagine the feeling of pride. the voice, yes, this is a big achievement for me, but not the only one. I mean, there were a lot of steps to get to where I am today. I feel proud when you know how hard it is to stand out in an environment like this and to see your boy do it.

10e the season the voice Starts Sunday, January 21 at 7pm on TVA.

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