Julien Lacroix will try to make a comeback before Christmas

Fallen comedian Julien Lacroix will attempt to return to the stage just before Christmas.

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In a question-and-answer formula where “humor and confessions” must be interwoven, Julien Lacroix will try to restore his image by picking up pieces from his public in a bar in the Hochelaga-Maisonnove district of Montreal. Condemnations of his misconduct and allegations of sexual misconduct have been pending against him for two years.

“One of the things the last few years have taught me is that in-person discussions are always more productive than social media. I will be presenting this evening in front of an audience (30 people) in Montreal on December 21-22,” he indicated on the event page.

The comedian has not performed on stage since March 12, 2020. She said she was “nervous but excited” at the idea of ​​getting back on stage.

The exact location of the event, accessible for $15, will be notified to ticket holders 24 hours in advance.

Note that this is not Julien Lacroix’s first attempt to return to the spotlight.

Last July, he had organized a similar event to mark his two years of sobriety, but had to back out at the last minute after receiving threats, some of which were directed at his family members. The protesters also promised to disrupt the evening.

On this occasion, he was to record a podcast of questions and answers in front of an audience of 25 people, in which he wanted to confide in his rehabilitation. He told himself “nervous, but excited at the idea [jaser avec ses “fans”]”.

Julien Lacroix is ​​trying to get back into the limelight because his ex-girlfriend, Genevieve Morin, recently cleared the allegations against him in a controversial report by “La Presse” columnist Isabelle Hatchey? This journalistic work of “La Presse” was also the subject of a podcast by journalist Marie-eve Tremblay of FM 98.5.

On social networks, reactions to the return of Julien Lacroix on Thursday afternoon were mixed. While some said he should be given a second chance, others simply laughed at him.

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