Catherine Lesque
The Canadian Press

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been questioned three times and has been holding his first press conference outside Rio de Janeiro on Wednesday since the end of his isolation. Three times he refused to do so.

Bills prohibiting alternative therapies C-6, and Reform C-10 Broadcasting Act, Passed in the Senate on second reading, and then recommended to committees for further study in the fall. The process should be restarted if an election takes place. But the government still hopes the Senate will find a way to pass them before September.

“We are in consultation with the Senate leadership because we hope (the senators) will be able to continue their work and expedite the process for these two bills,” he said. Trudeau dropped out without providing further details.

“Young people in the LGBT community need to be protected from this barbaric approach to alternative medicine. […] In the digital age, people are increasingly using their content through the internet […], We must adopt an approach similar to the one already in place on radio and television to protect and support the content of Canadian creators, ”he continued.

“The Conservative Party was well aware that both actions in the Senate could be killed,” Trudeau said.

However, the government’s representative in the Senate, Mark Gold, tried to get unanimous approval for the work to proceed with one of the bills this summer, too late on Tuesday evening. Clear “no” voices rang out in the upstairs room.

“Canadians believe alternative medicine should be banned. Conservatives disagree,” Justice Minister David Lametti responded immediately on Twitter.

Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Christiaan Freeland lamented the situation on Wednesday.

“I … disappointment is a word so weak,” he dropped in English in response to a reporter. “Alternative therapy is a risky practice that I think most Canadians are aware of that can cause lifelong damage,” he added.

MMe In the last few hours Freeland has held a press conference to mark the execution of Bill C-30, which received a Royal Ascent, which is implementing the measures in its budget last April. It also extends federal assistance programs to businesses affected by the epidemic until September.

The deputy prime minister says the government has the right to extend them until November, if necessary.

“At this point, I’m optimistic, I think […] The best plan would be to continue with the budget we presented to Canadians in April, but we are ready for all possibilities and that is a good thing, ”he said.

“I think the epidemic has shown us that it is very difficult to keep promises. […] A fourth wave is possible. I also think it is important to note that it is difficult to know exactly how the recovery will be carried out. Because closing the economy and reopening it is new to us, ”he continued.

“Running the lights at home is not that easy,” Mr.Me Freeland.

He did not want to comment on the possibility of an election, saying the only purpose of the government is to help Canadians with the global epidemic.

A few more hours later, the Prime Minister gave a brief overview of the upcoming epidemic election campaign by visiting a construction site in the Ottawa area, wearing a mask, without speaking within a reasonable distance from the neighborhood. He is expected to continue to come out of his home to make announcements in the coming weeks.

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