Stunning situation at the end of the game.  Why did the Russian girl do that? [OPINIA]

PAP/EPA/ALI HAIDER/Photo: Iga Świątek

David Jura

Astronomical level and focus to the end. You must be in good shape to win over a polish woman. And even then, it doesn’t have to work. Samsonua literally did everything they could, and yet they won only one game (6:1, 6:0).

Iga outperformed the Russian in every element of the game. The number of unforced foul traces was enough to keep the opponent completely unaware of what was happening on the field. Strangely enough, at the end of the match, she decided to check if the ball she had served had landed outside the field. It turned out that the challenge was right, and the Russian only prolonged her torment. Unless she wanted to learn something else from her rival in this way? maybe. For Samsunwa, Wednesday’s match was an invaluable, yet free, tennis lesson.

Iga provided complete focus in every moment of the meeting. Well, maybe in the end she allowed herself a little time to relax, but that didn’t affect the outcome anyway. It could also be fatigue. Iga plays the second tournament in a row, and in Doha she won, so she competed until the final.

Iga’s concentration, even in a situation where the contestant had half an argument to respond to excellent and accurate balls, is evidenced by the reactions of the number one player in the WTA ranking for example. Joy after winning balls and anger after missed opportunities. And it doesn’t matter if the duel is 15:15 in the game or 40:0. Iga is able to maintain an exciting concentration at almost any time. In this way, he gains a bit of experience from each match, and also shows great respect for his opponents.

The third match of the second set was important. With the score 2: 0 to Iga, the Russian led the way. The Polish woman won, but she needed as many as 20 points! Iga opponents, at least in the early stages of tournaments, did not bet on winning the whole match, but at least on more than one game.

The only annoyance for one fan after Wednesday’s match in Dubai is the fact that the Russian and her friends have never participated in international sporting events. On February 24th, it will be a year since Russia’s criminal and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. Nothing changes in the daily life of our eastern neighbors. Rape, murder and infanticide are the daily order, while decision makers in the world, including sports, are unable to understand the need to exclude Russia from free competition based on respect for the competitor and fair play. In such conditions, the strip in the colors of Ukraine on the cover of Iga Świątek arouses not only pride in the maturity of the Polish woman, but also sadness that the 21-year-old has more courage and awareness of her surroundings than people who indicate the direction of development of the sport in the world.

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