It couldn’t be worse.  Check the table after the last game of the “Polish” group

Play is officially closed. In the last match, Spain defeated Germany 23:21. This result is the worst, because it means that we will not see the Polish national team in the next stage of the European Championship 2022.

Jacob Fordon

Carolina Kochaniak Sala

PAP / Marcin Bielecki / Pictured: Karolina Kochaniak-Sala

The Polish national team finished the first stage of Euro 2022 with a score of 1-2. In the opening ceremony, Piao Zeroni lost to the Germans (23:25), then they defeated the Spaniards (22:21), and in the last match they had to acknowledge the superiority of Montenegro (23:26).

On Wednesday, after the Poland-Montenegro match, it was clear that Montenegro, playing in front of its own fans, would be knocked out of Group D with first place. However, Piao Ziruni took third place after this match and had to wait for the result of the last match.

Unfortunately, his outcome was the worst possible. Spain defeated Germany 23:21, which did not “hurt” the opponents. The defeat of the German national team with two goals means that the Polish team will not be in the next stage. This result is so strange that in the end both teams focused on making it comfortable for them.

It is the end of the adventure with the European Championship for the Polish national team. There wasn’t much of a promotion, but it’s hard to wrongly judge this performance, because our handball players weren’t the favorites in any game.

# group d matches Wins Draw defeats Objectives points
1 the black Mountain 3 3 0 0 85:71 6
2 Spain 3 1 0 2 67:73 2
3 Germany 3 1 0 2 71:75 2
4 Poland 3 1 0 2 68:72 2

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