Is it profitable to invest in a heat pump to heat an old house?

Will the heat pump efficiently heat an old house or will an additional thermal update of the building be necessary? And is it really an investment that pays off, because you have to take into account the cost of PLN 40,000 here? PLN amounts to more than 60 thousand. PLN to buy an air source heat pump.

Heat pumps can heat a home and water many times cheaper than other heat sources. No wonder, then, that sales of these devices are steadily increasing.

According to the report “Barometer of heat pumps 2021”, Poland ranks 12th among the countries of the European Union in terms of heat pump sales. In 2020, 54,125 devices were sold in our country, and in 2019 it was 31,314 devices.

What do you need to remember to make your heat pump investment pay off?

To choose the right way to heat your home, first of all, check the technical conditions of the house and what technologies are available in a particular area.

– In the case of gas heating, we cannot reach the gas connection everywhere. In addition, the latest information from Polska Spółka Gazownictwa shows that the construction of gas connections for new homes has been suspended – the company’s budget for this for the 2022-2023 period has already run out. Therefore, new homes are doomed to other methods of heating. – explains Artur Czarnik, Technical Director of Vosti Energy.

Is it profitable to heat an old house with a heat pump?

Choosing the right type of heating is one of the first and most important decisions you have to make when building a home. What about the old houses? Does the heat pump pay off here? The answer is yes – but there are some important factors to consider.

– If someone is building a new house, then the most reasonable solution is a heat pump, and if someone is upgrading the house, then technical conditions must be observed, which will indicate a suitable solution. The heat pump can be installed in old buildings, but it must meet the relevant requirements regarding the technical condition of the building. The house must be properly insulated and windows and doors installed with the appropriate technology. If these requirements are not met, it may turn out that the best solution for the client is the insulation of the building, which will allow him to achieve greater heat savings than installing a heat pump, which will produce heat, and this heat will escape through the construction of partitions. – Artur Kzernik explains.

How is heat pump power proportional to heat demand?

When choosing the right device, there are also several basic elements, among which you should pay attention to:

  • Usable area to be heated,
  • annual consumption of hot water, which is related to the number of family members,
  • Technical condition of the building.

These factors will allow us to choose the pump according to the real heat demand of a particular facility. It should also be remembered that this task must be outsourced.

– Email display In case of pumps is not enough, it is important to visit an auditor who will check, take pictures and make the necessary measurements and on this basis determine the heat pump and all the necessary components. Advice and experience are very important here. If we purchase a heat pump of a particular brand, it is also important to verify that the contractor is the approved installer of that brand. – confirms Artur Kzernik.

Is the heat pump alone enough to heat the whole house in the winter?

We have already mentioned the factors to consider when choosing a heat pump. We will dispel the myth that at low temperatures it must be supported or replaced with an additional heat source, such as a heating boiler or electric heater:

A geothermal heat pump can independently heat the house all year round, even in severe frosts – in Poland it works with efficiency up to -20%. If these lower temperatures do not reach the specified temperatures, then electric heaters will be used.

Remember that the needs and requirements of each individual customer must be considered. The most important thing is to choose and design the devices used so that they can be matched in the most effective way with what we find in the customer. Is it a good idea to connect the pump to the boiler? It all depends on what the current heat source is, in what condition and whether it will require replacement in the coming years. If it is a coal-fired boiler, then, depending on the region, we have to replace this type of equipment by 2028, so it will not be a good solution. However, if a new gas boiler has been operating for 2-3 years and has a warranty, then we can reduce the pump power and use a hybrid solution, where the gas boiler operates in a certain temperature range, and the pump operates in a certain range. Then it will be economically viable. – says energy expert Vosti.

Can you cut bills and save with a heat pump?

Taking into account current gas prices, ever-increasing bills, lack of connection (and even if possible, the cost of connecting gas when building a new home), building a chimney, operating costs such as a gas boiler or the cost of investing in a gas boiler, these expenses are similar To invest in an air heat pump, which ranges from 39-60 thousand. zloty.

What is the price of a heat pump with assembly in 2022?

As in the case of photovoltaics, heat pump expenditures can also be reduced by utilizing various support programs. For example, as part of the changes introduced by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, from January 25, 2022, investors in the Clean Air Program will be able to receive up to 69,000 PLN for subsidies.

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