Adoption of the Payment Services Act.  Sellers will need to accept cash

On Wednesday, the House of Representatives adopted the President’s Payment Services Bill. The intent of the regulation, introduced at the request of NBP, is to obligate sellers who accept non-cash payments to accept payments in cash.

436 deputies voted in favor of the bill, none opposed it, and seven abstained. Earlier, while working on the Permanent Subcommittee on Financial Institutions, MEPs supported three amendments, two of which were editorial.

The third assumes that the merchant will have one Obligation to accept cash payments, If the value of the one-time transaction is not more than the average salary in the business sector without profit payments in the third quarter of the previous year, announced by the head of the Central Statistical Office. If this regulation was now in effect, the transaction limit would be 5,370.64 PLN.

Adoption of the Payment Services Act

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