Kids' reactions to the "Little Mermaid" trailer are really sweet.  "Mom! She looks just like me!"

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“Strange World” – trailer. New Disney production in November in theaters

Disney recently released the first official trailer for the live-action movie “Little Mermaid‘, about Princess Ariel. The film won’t be released in theaters next year, but you can already see part of the underwater world and the main character in the production trailer. She is played by Haley Lynn Bailey, who is black, which sparked controversy among … adult audiences. : Disney is accused of “not appearing in a fairy tale.” Fortunately, children do not have such problems and react to the scene of the heroine very kindly.

The girls react with tears in their eyes to the black-haired Ariel: “She looks like me!”

The new “Little Mermaid” conquers the hearts of children. The actor is black like kids

Some (fortunately a small group) accuse the new movie version”little mermaid“This spoils their own childhood memories. The actress who plays Ariel has received some racist comments. But Halle Bailey has tremendous support in the family. As she said in an interview with Variety:

It was beautiful when I heard words of encouragement from my grandparents who said to me: You don’t understand what your role is for us, for our society and for all the little girls who will be able to see themselves in you.

The significance of Billy’s role is best illustrated by the reactions of the black girls who watched the trailer for “Little”. MermaidsThere have been many recordings showing the touching reactions of young children to the appearance of their favorite cartoon character. Parents’ videos Children They post on Twitter, TikToku, and Instagram, among others.

Mom, she looks just like me! But that’s cool

– The girl screams at one of the posted recordings.

It’s black. She is like me!

Is this Ariel? Is this really Ariel? After all, she is like me

Other children said. Their reactions show how important it is to represent all people in films, series and the media. This is especially important for young children.

Under the videos with children’s reactions, there were also comments from adults who were affected by the recordings.

Oh my God, she’s so beautiful. How cute are these kids!

Oh, I cried, it’s so cool. Now I understand why Ariel is like this…

“She’s just like me,” I shrugged while listening to that. My eyes are watering

– It can be read in the comments on TikTok.

company partyFirst Eucharist in the style of “The Little Mermaid”. Ariel and the seahorse overwhelmed the host

Disney’s “Little Mermaid” won the hearts of the youngest. When is the movie premiere?

The premiere of the newest feature film “The Little Mermaid” is scheduled for next year, but the exact date of the premiere is not yet known. However, it is estimated that the production of The Mermaid Ariel’s Adventures will hit theaters in the vicinity May 2023. The director is Rob Marshall and the script is written by Jane Goldman and David Magee. The aforementioned Halle Bailey will play the main role, and the remaining roles will include Jonah Hauer King as Prince Eric, Melissa McCarthy as Ursula and Javier Bardem as King Triton.

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