New Polish series in 2022. List.  what do you want to watch?

  • Next year, we can expect many interesting premieres among Polish series
  • Both TV stations and broadcasting platforms are preparing interesting new products
  • Shows include a story about a retired tailor who turns into a drag queen in the evening, and another production based on the novel by Remigiusz Mróz.
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The end of the year is the time for summaries, but also Announcements of what lies ahead in the next 12 months. TV stations and video-on-demand platforms compete Titles that have a chance of attracting a large audience in 2022. There is no shortage of these ads Local productions with the most famous actors.

a lot of attention Netflix brings the news in Polish, but the player is not left behindWe can also expect new series from Polsat and TVN. Below we present an overview of the most interesting proposals for 2022!

New Polish Series 2022 – Netflix

“Krakowskie Potwory” – Premiere: Q1 2022

It will be an eight-episode series set in Krakow, strongly associated with Slavic myths and legends The former city of kings. They started directing the eight-episode series Kasia Adamec and Olga ChagdasFor the scenario: Magdalena Lankosz, Anna Sieńska and Gaja Grzegorzewska.

“The Queen” – Premiere: First Half of 2022

The series will consist of four episodes. He will play the main role Andrei Ciorin. will play New Year’s Eve, retired tailorwho becomes in the evening The drag queen is Loretta. Will accompany Seweryn on screen Maria PeszekWho will play the role of Celeste’s daughter, Yulita, who has never met her father.

A new Polish series in 2022 – Player

“Behaviorist” – Premiere: January 4, 2022

After the success of “Chyłka” it was so Another series based on the novel by Remigiusz Mróz. Its protagonists are Gerard Edling, a sober lecturer, an expert in kinesiology – a science that deals with the study of body language, and a former prosecutor with extensive experience, as well as Horst Zeiger – a shy, young and intrusive man, a computer geek and an unpredictable killer.

Plays the role of Edling Robert WięckiewiczAnd we will see the role of Horst Zeiger Christian Best. The new production team also included, among others Mirosław Haniszewski, Magdalena Czerwińska, Anna Próchniak, Anna Mrozowska, Rafał Zawierucha.

“Hercules” – premiere 2022

This is an eight-episode series directed by Bartosz Krohlik, His full-length film “Supernova” won the Best Debut Award at the 44th Gdynia Film Festival and four nominations for the Polish Film Awards “Eagles”. The main character of the series is Hercules Nowak – Brilliant AnalystIt contains all the criminology and forensic books with one finger. He will play this role Rafai Makoviak.

A new Polish series in 2022 – TVN

“insurgency!” – Premiere January 31, 2022

The heroes of the series are divided into two groups – “baby boomers” and “youth”who collide with each other. Kajetan (Maciej Kucharski), Lolita (Maja Wolska), Jajko (Maciej Kosiacki), Zośka (Iga Górecka), Bolo (Aleksander Kaleta) and others, for various reasons such as dysfunctional families, conflict with the law, unsuitable company were transferred to the Pedagogical Youth Center . and there Arrogant Director – Agata Gawron (Monika Buchowiec) – It systematically sets new restrictions and penalties that prevent and humiliate young people and plunge them further into the problems they suffer from.

The new Polish series in 2022 – Polsat

Miracles – 2022 premiere

This is the chain that it consists of 20 stories that have nothing to do with each other. Each episode is a touching story of people who have experienced extraordinary coincidences in their lives. Not only did the events they underwent change forever, but also made them believe that when the endurance and human strength resources run out, a… miracle is needed!

A new Polish series in 2022 – TV4

“The Instruction of Loving” – Premiere: January 17, 2022

Anka Wiśniewska is a vlogger and runs a company that provides help with matters of the heart. Two friends who work with her – Majka and Nina – and her brother Adek. Together, they help women find happiness in love And men of all ages. Anka is a psychologist, Majka is great at getting information online, Adek has an editorial talent, and Nina, the co-owner of a beauty clinic, supports the team with her expertise. The main roles are: Magdalena Kroll, Maria Roddick, Olga Bochak and Konrad Skolimovsky.

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