A famous chain hotel will operate at the Hutzfeld Palace in Wroclaw

The Hatzfeld Palace (former headquarters of the BWA) was reconstructed in the Mujahideen. Wita Stwosza will operate to the highest hotel standards in the world. Building owner Raven has signed a franchise agreement with Marriott International.

The investor, Raven Corporation, has analyzed the hotel market for the past nine months. Choose the brand signature set Belong to the network Marriott International.

“We visited the best hotels in Berlin, London and other European cities and it was the Autograph Collection that made the biggest impression on us. It is not only about the level of finishing, the premium part, the ubiquitous luxury, or the level of service, because these attributes can be found in many facilities of this category, but about the individual setting of a particular hotel design in relation to its historical value – he emphasizes Grzegorz Rojek, President of Cohm, belongs to the Investor Capital Group.

HATZFELD PALACE is located in ul. Welcome to STWOSH

– We are happy and proud that the investor chose the Autograph Collection for such a prestigious project as the revitalization of Hatzfeld Palace in Wrocaw. Defining the prestige and authenticity of the brand will allow you to emphasize the outstanding advantages of this unique project – and it comments Janusz Mitulski, senior development director for Central and Eastern Europe at Marriott International.

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