What is the relationship of Agnieszka Heita's daughter to the sons of Grzegorz and Maja Hesic?  honest confession

Agnieszka Hyży together with Grzegorz Hyżym A few weeks ago, they welcomed their world First joint child. Little Leon is now the apple of his famous parents’ eyes, but they aren’t their only children. It is reported that the journalist and her husband They have already raised 8-year-old Marta, the announcer’s daughter from a previous relationship. In addition, the singer does Two sons: Victor and Alexandra from marriage They have Hyży. How do their children get along? Agnieszka Hyży herself told about it on her Instagram profile.

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Agnieszka Hyży candidly about her daughter’s relationship with her two sons Grzegorz and Maja Hyży

Agnieszka Hyży’s fans were very curious about how her daughter would treat the sons of Grzegorz and Maja Hyżych. The answer to this question was provided during the recent Q&A series, which are organized into the star’s Instagram profile. As she revealed, it all depends on…the day and mood:

We are together a lot and often, so the relationship should be good. I like to watch them help each other, learn from each other, support ”- added the presenter.

Photo: https://www.instagram.com/agnieszka_hyzy/?

Agnieszka Hyży on the relationship in a mixture family

Grzegorz’s wife Hyż emphasized that in the case of their children, the relatively small age difference makes things easier:

Curious fans decided to dig deeper and asked about it, As her husband’s children resort to. The presenter admitted it They use the term “aunt”, although this does not fully reflect their true relationship:

In general, terms in patchwork formats are not so lucky. When I hear the word stepmother, I immediately see the heroine of a cruel fairy tale before my eyes ”- summed up Agnieszka Heshe.

Photo: https://www.instagram.com/agnieszka_hyzy/?

Agnieszka Hyży on the relationship in a mixture family

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