“Something is following me”…again!  Maika Monroe returns in the sequel to the 2014 hit
Another hot project has been announced that will be introduced to the world during the most important AFM Film Expo. This is They Follow, a sequel to the popular horror film Something Behind Me.

“Something’s Following Me 2” is coming

Neon Studio will be responsible for the project. Filming is scheduled for next year.

Plot details “They follow” It has not been revealed yet. But we know the author will be behind the camera “Something is following me” David Robert Mitchell. The star will be Maika Monroe, who will reprise her role as Jay Hite.

About the movie “There’s Something Behind Me”

A semi-naked girl running in the street. Something or someone is chasing her. It is difficult to say what attracts more attention: her sensual nudity or her fear. 19-year-old Jay will soon find herself in a similar situation, as she has wanted to go on a date with someone cool since childhood. When her dream finally comes true – a boy invites her to the cinema and then to his car parked somewhere in the middle of nowhere – the girl will discover that this has unexpected consequences. While having sex, the boy places a curse on her – Jay will die if he doesn’t pass it on to someone else. Of course, he can only do this in bed. At first, the heroine does not take the threats seriously, but only when a ghostly old woman appears to her, does she begin to believe in the inevitability of fate. And I’m looking for a lover.

“Something is following me” It was made on a dime. Its budget was only $2 million. The film was well received by viewers. In America, it earned more than $14.6 million. Another $8.6 million came from theaters worldwide.

“There’s Something Behind Me” movie trailer

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