Kevin Spacey and his company lost in arbitration.  They have to pay high compensation, $31 million

Actor Kevin Spacey and two of his companies must pay House of Cards producers $29.5 million in damages and additional costs related to losses incurred after production halted, according to an arbitration court ruling. In this case, an application was submitted to the court by representatives of the MRC company responsible for creating the chain. They are demanding that the arbitration become final.

A Los Angeles court on Monday received a request to enforce an arbitration award in a case between MRC, actor Kevin Spacey and his companies: M. Proffit Productions Inc (a Los Angeles-based company) and Trigger Street Productions (a New York-registered company) — the deadline received Tuesday.

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According to the portal, it is an arbitration case, as a result of which Spacey and its production companies have to pay MRC (Media Rights Capital) – the production company responsible, among other things, for creating the “House of Cards” series – $29.5 million. for losses incurred and $235,000 litigation costs and $1.2 million attorney fees. The arbitration case was completed in October 2020, but its final decision was suspended due to an appeal by one of the parties. The case was kept secret until yesterday.

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Kevin Spacey – Downfall of “Hollywood’s Golden Child”

Kevin Spacey who For decades he was considered the “golden child of Hollywood”.In 2017, he found himself at the height of fame again thanks to his role as American politician Frank Underwood in the series House of Cards, which earned him a Golden Globe Award and five Emmy nominations. Spacey was also one of the show’s lead producers.

After publishing articles on Harvey Weinstein and the producer’s sexual harassment of actresses, among others, in the New York Times and The New Yorker magazine, Kevin Spacey was one of the first Hollywood actors to have public accusations of sexual violence made. On November 2, 2017, CNN News reported that the star and executive producer of the House of Cards had created a “toxic” environment by making offensive comments and engaging in inappropriate touching of young people without their consent. CNN News then reached out to eight men working on the show. MRC – As Variety Gate mentions He stated that the company had no knowledge of Spacey’s behavior at the site prior to CNN News’ publication of its material.

Kevin Spacey lost in arbitration case

MRC filed a confidential arbitration suit in January 2019, claiming compensation for losses incurred in connection with the production shutdown in 2017. After reports of Spacey’s violent behavior on set were published, work on the series was suspended, an internal investigation was ordered, and the actor’s contract was terminated. This was at a time when there were already two episodes of Season 6 in production that needed to be rewritten and reshoot. After all, the last season of “House of Cards” was eightAnd not – as planned – 13 episodes.

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After the arbitration case brought by the MRC, the representatives of the representative filed a lawsuit of their own, accusing Media Rights Capital of unjustified termination of the contract and non-compliance with the terms of the contract. This request was denied.

Testimonies of more than 20 people were given by lawyers from both sides, some of whom were collected during eight days of hearings in February 2020. The final decision was made in favor of the jury on November 5, 2021 by a three-member appeal panel, which upheld the original decision of the arbitrator in the case. .

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