The producers of “Big Mike” address the controversy surrounding the film
Alcon Entertainment, the studio responsible for “Big Mike,” referred to the controversy that erupted around the film early last week. Co-owners Broderick Johnson and Andrew Kossoff believe these allegations are fabricated based on incorrect statements and false opinions. They also provided details of payments related to the rights to the project.

Alcon Entertainment addresses the “Big Mike” controversy.

Alcon Entertainment addressed the controversy surrounding the movie “Big Mike. The Blind Side” in an official statement. Below we publish a translation of his excerpts. You can find the full text at The Hollywood Reporter here.

As co-founders and co-chairs of Alcon Entertainment, the company that funded “Big Mike. The Blind Side,” and its producers, we feel obligated to respond to some recent media reports that contain so much misinformation and misinformation. False opinions. These stories feed into a lawsuit filed by Michael O’Hare that appears to provide critics and journalists with justification for unfair scrutiny of the work 14 years after its premiere. Some even go so far as to describe him as a “liar” or “liar”. – We read.

In the story presented in “The Blind Side” we saw the better side of human nature. We saw a wonderful act of kindness towards Michael O’Hare in The Toohey Family. But more importantly, we also saw the extraordinary courage shown by Michael O’Hare in accepting the generosity of the Tohs rather than as a handout; He saw them not as saviors, but as a possibility to improve his life. Mike’s academic and athletic achievements are the best example of this.

And in the other part of the text, they refer to the provisions on the basis of which the contracts between the studio and the characters in the film were written. They maintain that the rights were initially owned by Fox, and were only acquired by Alcon Entertainment at a later stage.

The agreement to use the story between Fox, the Tuohy family, and Michael O’Hare was in keeping with the demands of the rights market at the time for people who had relatively little recognition. For this reason, he did not provide for large sums of money if the film was successful. As a result, the idea that the Tuohy family received millions of dollars from Alcon at the expense of Michael O’Hare is false. In fact, Alcon paid approximately $767,000 to the agency representing the Twohy family and Michael O’Hare (who supposedly accepted the commission before it was turned over).

The “Big Mike” Controversy – What’s It All About?

Recall: the film “Big Mike. The Blind Side” with Sandra Bullock and Quinton Aaron tells the story of a poor boy who was adopted and fell in love with a rich family and thanks to them he began his career in American football. Now though Michael O’Hare, the protagonist of the film, sued Sean and Lee Ann Twohy. The man claims that he was deceived by his family and that the entire story about him is based on a lie. O’Hare discovered earlier this year that he had not been adopted by a couple who were only on probation. Which means he is not part of the family at all, nor does he have the same rights as Toohei’s two biological children. O’Hare says that’s how the family got so good from the sale of “Big Mike. The Blind Side” about his life, which was supposed to bring in millions of dollars for the couple and their two children. And he says, “Oh, I got nothing.”

Michael Lewis, author of “The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game,” which became the inspiration for “Big Mike,” also spoke about the controversy surrounding the production in recent days. The writer, a childhood friend of Sean Tuohy’s, privately claims that — after deducting taxes and operating costs — the Tuohy family earned about $350,000 per person from the film. In his opinion, the trustee wanted to share the profits with O’Hare, but he refused.

I am saddened mainly because I witnessed all this up close Lewis added. They gave him so many resources and love. It’s shocking that he suspects them. I feel sorry for the state of mind he must be in to act this way – He said.

Watch the trailer for “Big Mike. The Blind Side”

The movie “Big Mike. The Blind Side” was released on screens in 2009. It brought Sandra Bullock her first Oscar so far in her career. Quinton Aaron played the title character. Watch the trailer:

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