Kevin Spacey in the low-budget movie trailer

Better Five Eight is a movie that few would have heard of had it not been for Kevin Spacey. Can you assume viewership will automatically rise?

Kevin Spacey in the thriller Peter Five Eight

The sounds that Kevin Spacey suggests starting from scratch are understandable. Because although he would always be able to include many great roles and awards (including two Oscars) in his resume, serious accusations of serious crimes meant that he was immediately judged by the people, as well as the entire industry, and at the same time It fell heavily. A total of dozens of charges did not translate into a conviction, but nevertheless the hatred remained. Now the actor is back in the game, but it is already clear that it will not be easy.

Once one of the greatest stars of world cinema, who can choose from among the performances, now she has to play roles that she had not looked at before. Among other things, in the British-Hungarian-Mongolian film 1242 – Gateway to the West or in the thriller Peter Five Eight, shown in the trailer.

Peter Five Eight Trailer

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Peter Five Eight at Cannes

Kevin Spacey in action, something we haven’t seen in a long time. There are no other famous names on the Peter Five Eight crew, and the trailer doesn’t hide the fact that it’s a production on a modest budget.

A production directed by Michael Zico Hall, and now complete. Currently, VMI Worldwide has the right to, at the Cannes fair there will be a search for people willing to buy. The same applies to the mentioned 1242 – the gateway to the west.

Source: VMI Worldwide

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