A crowd of stars at the premiere of "Being Without a Trace".  Grochowska went crazy with shoes, and Torbicka?  same class

On Thursday, September 16, the film Leave No Traces was shown. This is the story of Grzegorz Przemyk, who was arrested and badly beaten by a police patrol, and is the son of dissident poet Barbara Sadowska. The director of the picture, inspired by Cesare Łazarewicz’s book, is Jan B. Matusinsky. Playing in his house were Tomasz Zeczek, Mateusz Gorski, Sandra Korzeniak, Agnieszka Grushowska, Thomas Kott, Jacek Brasak and Alexandra Koneczna.

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Coverage from the premiere of “In-law”

“Millionaires”. Screams formed… The question confounded even the host

Agnieszka Grochowska

Agnieszka Grochowska She appeared in front of the lenses of photojournalists in black dress With a loose-fitting checked jacket. The shimmering cover fabric made it elegant. That’s why the actress was founded Socks employment pin. She looked great.

Agnieszka GrochowskaAgnieszka Grochowska KAPiF.pl / KAPiF.pl

Tomas Zeitek

Tomasz Przemyk’s movie friend plays Tomasz Ziętek. This young actor makes a good impression on the walls every time. Focuses on the classics. He often wears suits or tuxedos that look great on him. Also this time it did not disappoint.

Tomas ZeitekTomas Zeitek KAPiF.pl / KAPiF.pl

Sandra Korzeniak

Sandra Korzeniak plays Grzegorz Przemyk’s mother in Leave No Traces. At the premiere, the actress chose classic white wide-legged pants. In addition, she was wearing a green satin jacket and sandals.

Sandra KorzeniakSandra Korzeniak KAPiF.pl / KAPiF.pl

Matthews Gorsky

The role of Grzegorz Przemyk was played by Mateusz Gorsky, who chose a loose-fitting double-breasted jumpsuit for the wall. Complete everything with ties shoes On a thick sole.

Mount MatthewsMount Matthews KAPiF.pl / KAPiF.pl

Alexander Konishna

She played the prosecutor of PRL Bordonova in the painting by Matuszyński by Aleksander Konieczn. The actress was surprised by an interesting creativity. The two-piece ensemble with wide-leg pants and a belted jacket was sure to turn heads.

Alexander KonishnaAlexander Konishna KAPiF.pl / KAPiF.pl

Marek SuskiMarek Sosky when asked about the cost of butter. I have no idea. “I don’t see prices”

Grażyna Torbeca

Discussion before the first Polish show Movie Led by Grażyna Torbicka. A famous presenter and journalist appeared on stage in a black suit and double-breasted jacket.

Grażyna TorbecaGrażyna Torbeca oriental news

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