VIDEO: Thirty-year-old man arrested for insulting Jewish family through doorbell camera

A 30-year-old man from Ohio in the US was reportedly handcuffed in front of two houses of Jewish families and a synagogue on Monday.

“I was so shocked, I had to call the police right away because I wanted them to get here as soon as possible to find him,” Bexley, Ohio, resident Debbie Meyer told Fox News. “Tuesday.

On Sunday, as she and her partner were enjoying their day, 39-year-old Jacob Thomas Reidy displayed an Israeli flag to show his support for the terror attacks of the previous week.

Faced with his suspicious look, she politely asks what she can do for him, wanting to answer him through her doorbell camera.

  • Listen to an interview with Paul Laurier, SQ police officer and CEO of security firm Vigiteck. QUB Radio :

“Do I have to speak by now? I never used to,” he pointed to the camera, needlessly humiliating the family.

He then left the property smiling, walking to his vehicle “like there wasn’t a care in the world,” the woman told US media.

The 30-year-old, who has no criminal record, was seen the day before making threats in front of a synagogue. According to information provided to “Fox News” by an Ohio police spokesperson, he allegedly repeated his behavior at the home of another Jewish family.

He was reportedly finally handcuffed on Monday and will be questioned further by police working closely with the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force.

The incident comes after FBI Director Christopher Wray spoke out to warn the public against a significant increase in threats related to Israel’s war against Hamas, according to US media.

For its part, Ohio police reminded citizens to “immediately report” this type of gesture or word, according to “Fox News.”

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