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The film “Lee” by Elaine Koras (“In love with no memory”, “Betrayal”, “Who is Anna?”, “Umbrella Academy”) is being filmed in Croatia. The production is not autobiographical, but it does explore the most important decade in Lee Miller’s life. As a middle-aged woman, she didn’t want to be remembered as a model and inspiration for artists. She defied the “rules” of her time and went to Europe to report on the situation at the front. There, using a Rolleiflex camera, she gave the floor to those who were denied it. What Li has seized in Dachau and all of Europe was terrifying and shocking. Her photographs of the war, its victims, and its aftermath remain among the most important images of World War II. It changed the image of war forever, but Lee paid a huge personal price for it.

To me, she is a force to be reckoned with, and not the object of interest of the famous men with whom she has been associated. Describing the heroine she plays, Kate Winslet said this photographer, writer, and reporter has done it all with love, lust and courage, and is a huge inspiration to those who want to take life by the horns and live life to the fullest.

In addition to Kate Winslet, Andy Samberg, who plays Life Magazine photographer David E. Scherman, will co-star in the film; Alexander Skarsgard plays the English surrealist artist, painter, illustrator, poet and biographer Roland Penrose; Marion Cotillard plays Solange D’Ayen, the fashion director of the French version of “Vogue” and a close friend of Miller. Josh O’Connor plays Tony, a young journalist, while Andrea Riseborough plays British “Vogue” editor Audrey Withers.

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