Peter Stramovsky.  The most handsome Polish actor, son of the presidential couple

Peter Stramowski He is a Polish film and theater actor. Despite the fact that she is only 35 years old, she boasts a rich filmography. He plays the role of both gangsters and stereotypes, as well as heroes of comics.

Stramowski is a graduate of the State Higher School of Theater Ludwik Solski in Krakow, graduating in 2012. He has already appeared on the small screen before, incl. In the series “Father Matthews” or “Commissioner Alex”. A little later he joined the team “For Good and Evil”, where for a long time he played the role of Simon’s psychiatrist.

However, his real popularity was due to his participation in films Patrick Vega. It can be safely said that Piotr Stramowski is a favorite of the director and regularly appears in his productions. He starred in such films as “Pittbul. New Order”, “Pitbull. Dangerous Women”, “Mafia Women”, “Bad Boy” and “The Loop”. Thanks to them, he got the image of a real macho who is not afraid of any adversities.

Viewers can also admire him in the movie “Servants of War” or “Fighter”.

However, Piotr Stramowski also shows a different and more subtle face on the screen, for example in the production of “Simple Friendship”, “Narzeczony na naby” or the series “Na kne”.

In the near future, the actor will appear in a new production “love on the first page. He will play the main character there – the son of the presidential couple – and will appear alongside him Olga Bouzady. “Robert is the son of the president, a film connoisseur, a man who spent part of his life in the United States. He returned to the country at that crucial moment when his mother became president. And the search for Robert begins the most exciting person in the show – “the business” – that’s what the actor said about his role in the movie.

The actor has been creating a harmonious pair with the popular actress Katarzina Warnick for years. They met in 2013 and married in 2016. They had a daughter, Helena, who was born in 2019.

The couple accustomed their fans to the fact that they love to shock. Although you will not find pictures of their daughter in their social media, they often share very special pictures or thoughts there. Often they play in the same production, which indicates their ability to skillfully combine private life and professional life.

The actor is recognized as one of the most handsome men. She can certainly boast a perfect and attractive appearance. He certainly does not lack female fans, and his Instagram account is currently viewed by over 160,000 people.

Several likes appear under the added photos. “One of the sexiest and most handsome actors,” “The most handsome!” , “This is what a perfect man looks like” – Writing Fans.

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