Canal + hacker attacks login password phishing How to defend yourself Warning

This is not the first warning of this kind that Canal + sends. The company did not reveal what contributed to its recurrence. Subscribers and subscribers can be a victim of phishing. For example, they may have received emails asking for a login and password for the service. Subsequently, people involved in this practice can easily increase the package and offer selected channels in live broadcasts. Pirates already offers, for example, Canal + 4K Ultra HD with an online sign below the logo. This means that the stream is from a legitimate user on the Canal+ channel online.

– Due to the notable attempts of hacking attacks of unauthorized access to accounts registered as part of the Canal + online service and the possibility of adding additional options, we recommend that you be very careful and remind you to follow the cybersecurity rules below – you can read the message from Canal +.

How to protect yourself from hacker attacks?

The platform then gives you detailed instructions. – Do not use the same passwords and logins that you use in other applications, online stores, websites / VOD, on forums or portals (in the event, for example, a data leak from an online store, an unauthorized person may access your account on another website, to which you log in using the same login and password), changing passwords Pass regularly and do not share them with anyone. A strong password is a complex password (the password must be at least 8 characters long, including special characters, numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters), Canal+ advises.

Sometimes this type of instruction is difficult to follow. The average internet user has dozens of logins and passwords to remember. Using the same password for multiple SVoD platforms makes it easy to work. Many netizens also share among other things Netflix logos with friends and family.

However, the tips do not end there. – do not provide personal data on untrusted or unknown sites; Ignore emails asking for authentication or login details; Scan your computer or other device on which you log into Canal + Online using an antivirus program; Secure your computer or other device, incl. By downloading and installing updates regularly; Don’t use links that I’m not sure come from Canal + Polska; Do not go to suspicious and unknown sites – pay attention to the URLs of the pages you visit. Canal+ adds that such sites can infect your devices with malware.

Channel + does not provide the number of subscribers

Canal + Group in the first nine months of 2022 recorded a 1% increase in revenue. Compared to the first three quarters of 2021, revenue was €4.292 billion. Responsible for such an outcome, among other things, is the increased demand for pay-TV in developing countries, where Canal+ is investing more and more.

Financial results in the third quarter were less optimistic. Canal + Group increased by 3.3% compared to the third quarter of last year at the time, amounting to 1.467 billion euros, and now 1.419 billion euros. In the French market, Canal + Group revenue increased by 1.3% in the first three quarters, and by 6.3% in overseas markets. In the third quarter in France, it fell 3.5%, while in other markets it rose 1.5%. Data on the number of subscribers and subscribers is not provided. At the end of the first half of this year. The company announced that it had 23.9 million of them. The latest data comes from Poland a year ago, when Canal + had 2.7 million customers.

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