Kate Hudson wanted to 'take a risk' with her new musical adventure

Kate Hudson wants to challenge herself as an artist, no matter the cost.

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The actress Almost famous Released his first song. Talk about loveon January 30 and is scheduled for release in 2024.

“For me, musically and lyrically, it's time,” the 44-year-old actress told E! news. I was very afraid of being rejected for my writing. You know, why make me so vulnerable? »

Kate Hudson, who co-wrote the song with her fiance Danny Fujikawa and Linda Perry, said she was ready to take on a new professional challenge in her career and decided to create her music. The rest of the world knows.

“Over time, as we get older, we realize that this is what's holding us back,” he explained. And taking risks is part of what makes me tick, that's why I want to be an artist and why I'm always pushing myself. »

Another motivation of hers is her desire to start an artistic career that inspires her to do something that inspires her, rather than doing things for the sole purpose of gaining external validation.

“Do it because you love it, not because you're looking for validation — that's what I felt,” he said. And I'd say to the younger one: “What drives you? If it's on the outside, you're hurt. But if it's a drive, a vocation, keep going!” » Inspirational Advice!

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