Patrice Demers has announced the closure of her pastry shop in Little Burgundy

Although they celebrated the eighth anniversary of the launch last week, the owners of Patrice – Pâtissier have announced that they will close the doors of the business permanently by the end of the summer.

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The dishes and delicacies of the well-known pastry chef Patrice Demers and his team are especially appreciated for their originality and the local and seasonal products used. They also have some of the best classics to go on the detour in Little Burgundy.

Briefly for all those who have always responded “current” for the past few years, setting aside time to thank the team, suppliers and customers, the pastry store partners announced the matter in a captivating announcement.

The current environment has forced business leaders to react at length. This result is partly explained by new professional challenges that will allow Patrice and Mary-Josie to benefit from a better quality of life.

Even before the situation of the last few years, we understand that having a business is very grim.

Patrice – Pâtisserie has been open since 2014 in Notre-Dame, near the Atwater market. You can buy wines, desserts and good food in stores until the end of the summer or order out.

Patrice – Pastry Chef (Closed at the end of the summer of 2022)

2360 Notre Dame Street West # 104, Montreal

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