Dashing Cowboys: The Tour Saved by The VR Company

Those who feared that the next Cowboys Fringe shows would be canceled due to health concerns can breathe a sigh of relief. The group can continue their tour comfortably in a recreational vehicle provided by a local company.

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Speaking to Sophie Durocher, via QUB radio, Jean-Louis Roy, general director of Élégance VR, believes she was surprised by the impact of her gesture on social networks.

“We don’t want to [de visibilité], we just wanted to help, that’s all. But it had a pretty special effect,” he admits with a laugh.

Listen to Jean-Louis Roy’s interview on Sophie Durocher’s show QUB Radio :

On Facebook, Cowboys Fringants wanted to thank Élégance VR for their generosity. Their new vehicle will allow the group’s singer, Carl Tremblay, to continue their tour in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere while he continues his battle against cancer.

“They were able to use the RV as part of their tour, but they also have other times. Jean-François and Karl went with their family and they loved it. Introducing them to something else, something new, that’s the fun,” says Jean-Louis Roy.

After a stop in Saint-Tite during the Western Festival, the Cowboys Fringants will continue their tour in Gatineau, Brossard, Joliette and Sherbrooke until October 20, to the great delight of Quebecers.

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