Katarzyna Zielinska and Wojciech Domanski renewed their oath.  The star’s dresses impressed

Katarzyna Zelenska and Wojciech Domański are married For ten years! “Yes” to their first marriage was said amid flashes of photojournalists gathered at the venueBut now they decided to celebrate their love in a more intimate atmosphere, and to renew their vows between their loved ones.

Although Katarzyna gives her fans the opportunity from time to time to look behind the scenes of their lives through social media, the couple usually choose to remain discreet and do not share their privacy. However, Zielińska made an exception when she bragged about her husband’s frequent request.

Preparations to renew the department were kept strictly secret. All was revealed on September 9, when Katarzyna posted a photo on her personal Instagram page Stunning white wedding dress.

The outfit, although simple in the “A” cut, caught attention with the subtly embellished flowers at the bottom. Fans were happy not only with the dressBut above all what it symbolizes is the renewal of love.

One of the actress’s fans wrote: “Congratulations to Ms. Cassia. But I must admit that the dress is impressive. Just like the dress 10 years ago.”

It cannot be ignored that renewing wedding vows is becoming more and more popular among Polish celebrities. Anna and Robert Lewandowski also decided to celebrate their marriage in a similar wayOrganize an impressive party in picturesque Tuscany.

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